Review: Folklore


Review: Folklore


This is one of those three games (that are out) I’ve really wanted the most on Playstation 3. The other two being Uncharted (review coming later) and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

The story takes place in the village of Doolin. Ellen who thought she lost her mother 17years ago. suddenly send her a letter. Telling her  she is alive and in Doolin. She travels there but finds nothing… Until she gets a hold of the messengers cloak. With it she can travel to the  Netherworld and meet the dead. And hoping she might meet her mother or get clues about here mother there. The Netherworld is the  world the soul goes to when you die. About the same time Keats, a journalist for an occult magazine get a phone call. A woman screaming for help and that she is going to get killed by something in Doolin.
Keats being as curious as he is, he heads to Doolin. Where he by “chance” is also receives a bit of the cloaks powers.

Both Ellen and Keats have different, rolls to play. Ellen wants to regain her lost memories, while Keats..
Well he’s just curious and loves a good story. Anything to sell a magazine…. But as always things gets more complicated and they first  turnout. You gather monsters called Folks in this game and use them to fight. You can set a Folk to any of the four buttons, Triangle, Circle, Cross or Square. As I said you use these Folks to fight. Sometimes you need a certain Folk to absorb another Folk.
You hit them until you see their soul or ID as they call in the game. When it turns red, you have to yank the controller to get the ID our of the body of the Folk.
Sometimes you need to shake the controller up and down, turn it left and right. There are a few different ways you  have to do it. But this is almost never used on Folks, just on Folklores.
the bosses of the game.

I can’t seem to remember a single piece of music from the game, so if there ever is a squel they need to fix that part. And I would have liked more voice acting. I’m actually a bit dissapointed. I know I’ve said I rally liked the game to others, but when I finished the game and got the whole impresion I realised I actually only continued to play for the story. I was expecting a bit more. Guess I had to high hopes for this game. Still worth a rent/playing once. Or if you really want but it. Its up to you. Myself I’m going to see if I can get this traded for Ratcher & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction..

TOTAL: 6/10

+ The story is moved forward with a comic book like style. I like it.
+ The story is actually really interesting and kept me going.
+ You can collect cloaks (dresses) for Ellen. I love it when you can change clothes in games.

– The game sadly get repetitive, and you don’t need much of a tactic to capture the Folks.
– I wish they had added voice acting too those comic book scenes.
– The music is okay. Nothing more nothing less. You won’t remember it

First impressions

So I’ve had my Playstation 3 for about 24hours now. And What have I done and what do I think? Well… I haven’t actually played very much on it. I’ve been checking it out, trying to learn the different things about it.
I’ve downloaded some demos and tried them, right now I’m downloading the Uncharted demo. I’m impressed at how good the divx function was, I was honestly expecting something not so good.  And it was a pretty good music player. Overall I’m very happy with what I can do.  And OMG! Its quiet! I’m actually amazed at that since I was expecting it to sounds a little, but it dead silent.

I’ve just played the start of Folklore, the first chapters with Ellen & Keats. But its a lovely game. I like the atmossphere. It really does feel like a Tim Burton movie. The story goes by in a comicbook way, its pretty hard to explain but its cool. Too bad there isn’t voiceacting in those scenes. The music?
Well can say very much about it now, not more than it fits the game. But I would have loved if they had Danny Elfmans music in the game, that would give it more of a Tim Burton feeling. But I’m liking what I’ve played so far. Going to continue after I’ve had something to eat.

I haven’t even opened GT Prologue yet. I’m saving it untill I’ve played a bit more on Folklore. But all in all I’m very pleased with my PS3. And when games like
Metal Gear Solid 4, Valkyria Chronicles & White Knight Chronicles are released, I’m going to be in heaven! <3

About the PS3

Since a bunch of stuff has happened recently, it seems like I yet again have to wait to get a PS3. But actually this time, I myself think the wait is good. Since I’ll have more money over when I buy it next month or in June.
Depends on if they release a MGS4 bundle here in Europe, if they do I’ll wait for it.
Well actually that’s just about it. So I have two more month, I’ll be able to at least buy one or two more PS3 games I want, so I’ll have enough to play with when I get the console. ^^

So I’m not that sad really, If I had bought it this month I would have been entirely broke until May, not the wisest of choices.But still something I could have lived with, but since trouble has been happening at home, I’ll pitch in and try to help there. I traded in some old games on EB games and bought Folklore. So I can’t wait to try it. Well other than that, not much has been happening.
Well hope you are feeling better today, Lania. ^^