Please help us get Xenosaga HD!

Katsuhiro Harada of Tekken fame, recently spoke about the possibilities of Xenosaga series being released in HD. And he needs our help. He wants as many individuals too tweet him about getting HD versions., we need to show him and Bandai Namco that we want HD-releases of those games. For us the fans who would nothing more than to be able to play them with some better treatment. And for all of those who never got the chance, that’s why ask of you please tweet to him. If you have any kind of sympathy for a fellow gamer and JRPG lover, please, please help us make this a reality with #OperationKOSMOS.

Read Katsuhiro Harada’s original post here.
And check out his regular twitter here.

Please support Mr. to make Xenosaga HD collection real