I’m sorry

As you all might have noticed I haven’t been online. Well first of I’ve been sick. And a bit depressed. Or should I say a really deep depression. Its about stuff that happened In the past I tought I was over… But I guess I wasn’t.
So I didn’t go online to meet people, I just didn’t want to, or cared to do so. But I’m better now.

And on top of that now Felia [Telia], has done something to our internet conection so I can’t go online at home. Hopefully they will resolve this problem soon. Because I wanna surf now and talk to my friends.
A few of my friends thought something has happened since I wasn’t online like I used to. Well there you have it. Another update will probalby come when we get our internet back. You can check out my deviant, I’m going to upload some new pics atleast…