Dead Rising and the Uranus Zone

So Capcom is releasing a new version of Dead Rising 2. Called Dead Rising 2: Off The Record and it stars Frank West from the original Dead Rising game, this is an reinterpretation on Dead Rising 2. This is how would be game would be if Frank came to Fortune City. And I gotta say, it looks fun! I’M GOING TO URANUS ZONE!!!

Mega Man 9 cleared!

Finally! After owning this game for almost a year I thought I was time I cleared the game. And that’s what I’ve been doing these past three days.
When I first started to replay it I sucked as hell, couldn’t finish the simplest things. But thankfully after a few hours with the game, it finally felt right again. I really hate that I died to much as I did, but it felt good when I got back in the groove again.
Man I’m so glad to have finished this game.I know, not the best of clear times. But I don’t care! I’m just so damn happy about finishing the game. ^^
This was probably the last game of the year I finished too, unless I play something in the upcoming week. Who knows? If I don’t, then at least I finished this gaming year with a great game.

MegaMan 9 cleared!
MegaMan 9 cleared! MegaMan 9 cleared!