The Walking Dead season 2

This whole weekend I’ve spent watching season 2 of The Walking Dead. Was about time I watched it all, I started it early Saturday morning and ended it earlier today. Watched it all with Elden, it was fun to just watch everything after each other. While I thought it wasn’t as good as season one, it really had its great moments. Like some characters getting more development and turning out to be pretty darn bad ass, like the character Daryl. He is cool and kickass and probably one of my favorites on the show. Can’t wait for season 3 too have its premier, it’s gonna be interesting to see what’s going to happen to the crew now…

That’s about what I’ve been doing this weekend. Other than that, I’m just concentrating on my moving. It takes up all extra time, I’m to tried after work on weekdays to do anything. I’m going to try to get more Tales of Graces f played this upcoming week, I’m hoping I can do that. Or at least get a bit more played on Lunar Silver Star Harmony for PSP. As soon as I move, I hope I’ll have more time to play games. Right now everything is a bit hectic and I’m feeling unwell just about all the time. Well, nothing different there. I’ve been feeling unwell for years, I’ve just kept it inside and tried to smile and be glad.. It’s not easy. =/

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  1. @ Robert Sanchez Carlsson:
    Hehe, bättre sent än aldrig ja. ^^
    Tog själv en jävla tid innan jag kollade igenom säsong 2 och så tog man hela serien i följd istället. ^^
    Ha det bra själv.

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