In the depths of (Dead) Space

Two of my closest friends, Elden & Ezakiel have been trying to get me to play
Dead Space
. And I’ve had other things to play, so I ignored it. Had other games that I gave higher priority. Well, about 1½ week ago, (maybe more) I had no more games to play, no more excuses. So I borrowed it from Elden.
And then today I finished the game. It took me 10h and 21min to clear, It was a good game and I jumped out of my seat more times than I care to mention.
Both my friends love this game while I think it was okay. It gave me the fright I was hoping Resident Evil 5 was going to give me, but it appears that starting to get tired of horror games. I will probably not play this game again. Once was enough for me.

THE GOOD: What I liked about the game
The necromorph aliens in the game are pretty scary and are a good verity of them. And I’m pretty sure you’ll be scared at least once in the game. The music is another thing I like in the game, they use it really well to build up certain moments. Or just when they want to scare the living shit out of you. Really creepy atmosphere, I like. Very good looking game and gory. Yummy.

THE BAD: What I disliked about the game
I felt the game was fairly monotonous and it got boring pretty quickly.
Get objective, go do that, get next objective, do that, go to Tram, chapter end. Repeat for every chapter in the game… It might be a standard in these kind of games, but it felt much worse in this game. The story wasn’t all that great, not that I expected it to be great. I just think a story like this works better in movies…
And I hated that Issac (main character) was a mute. Its one of those things I’m so sick of in games, unless you make a character yourself. Then its okay IMO.

As I said in the beginning of this post, I’m getting somewhat tired of horror games. While I did enjoy DeadSpace, there was still something I felt I was missing. I’m not sure what. Or its  just that feeling of being bored that took over.
For me Dead Space is a 7/10.

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