An old love

I check some of my old, very old mp3 cd. And found the soundtrack for Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete. I then started to remember how much I love that soundtrack. I can honestly say this is one of those soundtracks that I love really much, I used to listen to it all the time in the past. I guess this was my first videogame soundtrack love. And I still love it today. Get filled with all the emotions I feeled when I played the game. Same when I listen to Lunar Silver Star Story Complete soundtrack too. While I do like many other game soundtracks, there are none other than the Lunar games soundtrack that can stir up emotions for me.
Well not emotions like this. I must get the games in my collection I just must.

Do you have a game, soundtrack or anything else that brings out emotions like this for you? If so tell me. I would like to hear.

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  1. For me it’s Stella Deus OST. I don’t think I can explain what makes it so special, but it just is. But I really love it. Of course, there are many other game soundtracks too, but I believe that is my favorite.

    Your new look for the site is amazing BTW. *drool*

  2. Well it’s not a game soundtrack, but I supose that Rolling Stones – Voodoo Lounge is the record that gives me the most nostalgic emotions. It was the first record I can remember that I owned, and it’s still one of the best records that I have. Destruction – All Hell Breakes Loose means quite a lot to me aswell, it was that record that really opened my eyes for the music I listen to today.


  3. Well I can’t really explain with Lunar either. Its just a feeling. A wonderful feeling I’m getting.
    It takes me back to a time when a lot of things where better and easier.
    And it makes me feel good.

    Thank you. :D
    I’ve been trying to change the design again. But I think I’ll keep this for a while.
    Just need to figure out who is going to the the Apil girl on the site. <--- The picture I will place there.

  4. Oh, so you’re changing girl each month? I didn’t know that. :) Hm. How about Linea from Stella Deus? I have a very high res image I can send you if you wanna use it.

  5. I actually change two times each month.
    When the month starts and then around the 15th or 16th. Just to make it feel a bit more fresh.
    Yes, please do. :D

  6. Secret of Mana and Illusion of Time. :)
    Don’t know about those emotions but it’s the earliest soundtracks I know that I started diggin’ back in the old days. ;)

  7. Secret of Mana har fantastisk musik, håller med kn om det! Håller med dig med Yazuka om Lunar SSSC, ett underbart soundtrack :D

    Sen har vi ju Final Fantasy 6 och 7 med och Shenmue-spelen naturligtvis!


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