Resident Evil 5 cleared!

So I finished Resident Evil 5 a few days ago. Good game.
Better than I thought. But I still feel it was a bit dissapointing as a Resident Evil game. Its a really good action game, but if they had called it something else than Resident Evil I would have been more pleased. Why? Well its moslty some story releated things I don’t like how they turned out. I also feel like they “ruined” some characters.
Won’t go much more into that, since they it will be spoiler galore
The game has a really good co-op mode, I really enjoy playing this game with friends it makes it a whole lot better. There is a whole lot to do in the game so at least you can’t complain about you finishing it to fast, and that there is nothing else to do.
If you want everything in the game it will take a couple of hours to accomplish.

In other news, it seems like Tales of Vesperia will se the light of day in Europe in June! Same month as Star Ocean 4. Well that’s about fucking time! Now I just somehow need to get an Xbox 360 and try to get a hold of the game. Much much easier said than done. Its depressing. Really depressing. =(

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