Retrospelsmässan in Gothenburg

So after a lot of thinking and going back and forth me and my friend, finally came to the agreement of going to this years Retrospelsmässan. A type of Retro-game gathering in Gothenburg Sweden.

I’ve been looking forward to going for sometime, but since I hate and have trouble of traveling by myself I’ve never gone. So this is going to be a challenge, but I’m so glad
I have my good friend with me, it would not have been possible without him.
I have been feeling very down lately, perhaps the worst I’ve felt since 2010. But it feels somewhat better now. I have the best of friends who really care, thank you all. <3

Anyway the gathering is this upcoming Saturday 26/5. We will be there around 11.20 and while we can’t stay very long, at least we’ll get there! I’m looking forward to this, hopefully I’ll find something nice to buy. For once I have some spending cash.

Deadpool 2 a fantastic movie!

This week has been trying to say the least, I’ve been stressed out and have been in a very foul mood. So much that it’s affected people around me, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve felt like this. Felt full of rage and just felt pissy, I wasn’t the best person to be with yesterday. Not only that I was exhausted but physically and mentally, so I was really afraid that I would fall asleep while watching the movie.
Now that would have felt extra good, paying for expensive movie tickets and falling asleep, man I would have been in an even shittier mood.

But Deadpool 2 was just the thing I needed! What a fantastic movie it was! I loved it from start to finish. And not only that, I got to have so many good laughs that I felt really rejuvenated after coming out of the cinema. It was just the thing I needed to fix my terrible mood. As always Ryan Reynolds is fantastic. I might be a bit gay for him, but then again who isn’t? I’ll just think you are lying if you say you aren’t. ;)
There is so much stuff I’d like to say about the movie, but that would give some of the surprises away. And I’m not going to spoil anyone.

Both Cable and Domino where fantastic additions to the movie, but then again
Josh Brolin is a really great actor, whom I’ve come to respect more and more.
I haven’t read that many comics with Cable, so I’m not sure how the character usually is. But this version of him at least was awesome and such a damn badass.
It was also super fun to see a character with the power of luck on the big screen, so much disaster around Domino and she just walks by like it’s nothing. I loved it.
Oh and of course, how could I forget Peter. Awesome new character. Haha.

While I do really enjoy Avengers: Infinity War, I must say that Deadpool 2 so far has been my favorite superhero movie of 2018. And I don’t think it will be topped for me.
Deadpool 2 is one of the best cinematic experiences I’ve had. Besides the movie making me feel better and getting some really good laughs, the other thing that made this so great was that the audience that was also watching the movie all had a good time. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much laughter and people having a good time at a movie before. It was amazing, not only was the movie awesome but the whole experience around it. This is without a doubt my favorite moment at a cinema and I think this movie has become my favorite comicbook movie.

Some stuff I’ve bought

I usually don’t post stuff anymore of what I’ve bought, but perhaps I’m going to start with that again. So here are some of the stuff I’ve bought since mid April.

God of War was fantastic! And one of the best games I’ve played this year and in fact the game that got me out of my gaming slump. I’ve felt like no other game really mattered after I finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so I’m glad to be back again. I had Dragon Quest Builders for the PS4, but wanted to play it on the go instead. And I wanted it on the Switch, because I’m going to buy Builders 2 for the Switch if it’s released in the west.

I’ve owned .Hack G.U Last Recode before but traded it away. Not it seems like it’s harder to get a hold of, so I snagged a copy again. Been wanting to try the Yakuza series and see what all the fuss is about. Just have to get some time to be able to play it too…

Since I was never a fan of the Wii U, I missed out of a couple of great games. And since I love my Switch so much, I was going to fix this little problem. The problem of missing certain games of course. So far it’s been fun and a bit frustrating, but it’s nice to play a Donkey Kong game again. I’m going to try and buy every Wii U game that is ported to Switch. So perhaps it’s time for Captain Toad next time.

Games I’ve preordered 2018 – Part 2

Here is part two of my series of preordered games. It’s not the games I’m looking forward to in 2018, but rather I’ll talk about the games I’ve preordered and are coming out this year. If nothing happens to delay them, something I can’t foresee when I’m writing this. I’m splinting this into multiple posts, just so one post doesn’t get to long an clotted. AS of now there is no part three, but I’m guessing that will change after E3.
If any of the games there will be released this year.

Dragon Quest XI: Echos of an Elusive Age

Release: 2018-08-04 | Buying for: PlayStation 4

Back in February I made a bigger post about this game, but in Swedish. If you are interested to see my thoughts about it, you can read it here. Well since that post we’ve actually gotten a release date, it will come out in the beginning of September, more precise the 4th. God I’m looking forward to this! So glad they are adding voice-acting into the version in west. And some other fixes.


Release: 2018-04-07 | Buying for: PlayStation 4

Another one of those games I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced and as soon as we got the release date I quickly preordered it. It’s a shame it will be released 3 days after Dragon Quest XI, that means I’ll probably have to wait a bit with DQ before I start it, because I want to give it my complete focus.
And the same with Spider-Man.

Kingdom Hearts III

Release: 2018 | Buying for: PlayStation 4

Kingdom Hearts… Well what can I say?
Supposed to the end of Sora’s story arc and hopefully tie some of the story together in a good way. But I’m mostly excited for the new worlds, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Tangled, Big Hero 6 to name a few. With rumors of this one release around November, this will be my Christmas game this year. Just like the first game was, all those years ago when it released.

Darksiders III

Release: 2018 | Buying for: PlayStation 4

While I do not know much more about the game beside the title and that we get to play as the third horseman (woman) Fury. I’m just glad the Darksiders series is back and I sure do hope this does well so we can get a fourth game with Strife.
I’m just hoping in style and quality this title is more like the first and much less like the second one..

Super Smash Bros Switch

Release: 2018 | Buying for: Nintendo Switch

Can’t wait to see more from this game! The last Smash Bros game I played was Melee for the GameCube, so I’m really itching to get back into the fun. Keeping my fingers more Xenoblade representatives joins the battle, would love to see Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X appear in the game. Either was I preordered this was as soon as I knew it was available for preorder. Now like with all other stuff in here, we play the waiting game. (Do I need to preorder that game too?)

Games I’ve preordered 2018 – Part 1

Now to something a bit different but still a bit familiar. This time is not a list of games
I want, but games I’ve preordered. So this time around it’s not the games I’m looking forward to in 2018, but rather I’ll speak a bit of the the games I’ve preordered and are coming out this year. If nothing happens to delay them, something I can’t foresee when I’m writing this. I’m splinting this post up into parts of 5 games per post, so it doesn’t get to clotted.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Release: 2018 | Buying for: PlayStation 4 (Maybe Switch)

Firstly we’ll start with something that isn’t really a preorder? Or is it? Either way I’ve been waiting for Bloodstained ever since I donated to the Kickstarter and hopefully nothing happens and we’ll finally see a release this year. Well I’m really looking forward to getting a new “Igavania” like game, it could actually be one of the games I’m looking forward to most this year. I’m also thinking about buying a second copy of the game, since my Kickstarter copy is a PlayStation 4 version, I might buy a Switch version.

Donkey Kong County: Tropical Freeze [Switch]

Release: 2018-04-05 | Buying for: Nintendo Switch

I never was a fan of the Wii U, so I skipped a bunch of games on the console. But this time around with the Switch I’m going to buy as much of the games Nintendo put out.
I really want to support them. So I’m extra glad they are releasing Tropical Freeze, so I a Wii U deserter can have a chance to play this fun looking game.

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

Release: 2018-05-18 | Buying for: Nintendo Switch

Hyrule Warriors was one of the titles I actually played on Wii U, but got a bit pissed when the 3DS got a version with a whole lot of improvements. That Switch owners where locked out of, but they are finally fixing this little misstep (IMO).
With the Switch version is brings the best of both versions of the game.

Shining Resonance Refrain

Release: 2018-07-10 | Buying for: Nintendo Switch

I’m not sure how many Shining games we got outside of Japan, at least the none SRPG ones. Not so interested in those myself, but I’m very interested in this title.
Firstly I really like Tony Taka’s artstyle, especially how he draws elfs. Mmm…
But it looks like a fun JRPG, with battles in the vein of the Tales of games. And it’s based heavily around music and the characters weapons are also instruments and that is very intriguing to me.

Octopath Traveler

Release: 2018-07-13 | Buying for: Nintendo Switch

I wasn’t very into this game from the start, but the more I saw and saw of my friend trying the demo, it sold me on the game. It looks charming and at the same time I feel relaxed and happy when I see the sprites in this game. Time will tell if this preorder was a wise one, since I’m still a bit on the fence about this one.
Sure, Shining Resonance might not be a wise buy either. But I’m taking my chance with both and I hope they’ll be great.

New Rare Blades in Xenoblade 2

So I woke up this morning not feeling all to well, must have been something I ate.
But pretty quickly my queasiness turned into excitement. Because I woke up to news that we are getting two new Rare Blades. This Friday, the 27th! Oh happy days!
Well that in itself is good, but what really got me excited was that one of these Rare Blades are T-elos from Xenosaga Episode III! YEAH!!
More Xenosaga characters in Xenoblade. So happy with this news and I just love Kouichi Mugitani (CHOCO) artstyle so damn much. Really happy to see him getting more of his designs into Xenoblade 2. T-elos will be available to all who has finished the game and its said to have a pretty high rate of appearing in a Core Crystal.
I sure hope so, wouldn’t want another KOS-MOS grind on my hand.

T-elos is making an appearance! I Love CHOCO’s artwork.

The other Rare Blade that has been revealed is Poppi Buster. A clone(?) version of Poppi that any character can use. She is exclusive to those who buy or have bought the Expansion pass. This Poppi is a bit more yellow and seems to have an antenna on her head. Oh and right, she has her own freaking mech! Probably where the “Buster” part comes in!

Poppi Buster ready to SMASH!

Either way Poppi Buster is looking rather cool! Well at least the Nopon like mech is, she will be obtainable via a quest ingame. Man I’m so looking forward to getting back into this game again, it feels like it never stops giving.
I guess that’s why I’m having such a hard time to let it go. They also said they have finished voice recording for a new Rare Blade that will also be released, a bit unsure if it will be coming with this update or at a later date.
I sure do hope T-elos will be using the scythe in the artwork, really looking forward to add her to my group. Bring me more Xenosaga characters MonolithSoft and Bandai Namco, or even better. Bring me a Xenosaga HD Collection.

I’m remodeling my site a bit

I’ve been kind of tired of the design of the old site. So I’ve been wanting to remodel it for sometime now. Been working on this little by little.
I grew tired of the dark and orange colors, so now I have a few more lighter colors on the site. I like it a lot myself. The design for this is a bit inspired (ripped of) from the WordPress theme “Rowling”. But I’m not done yet I’m going to fix the search bar so it looks better. Hopefully going to fix the comment section. Get an overhaul on my Beaten and owned games. At least that’s what I’m hoping to be able to do.

But it will probably take a little while before anything of this happens. Or you know I just have to have a real boring time and I’ll probably do it in like a few hours. Haha.
But some of the changes besides the colors I’ve made are that some fonts are now bigger and easier to read. And again I think these colors are a bit easier to the eye, at least they follow a theme now. A theme that isn’t just dark.
Well hopefully I can add more of those little extra things in, I just want this to feel good!

In other news I’ve started playing the new God of War for the PlayStation 4 and it’s fantastic! I like it, I like it a lot. Actually it’s the first game I’ve played since Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that I really feel like playing, it broke me out of my gaming slump.
I’m a amazed that they took a character like Kratos, who more or less just was a raging bull and a bit of a boring character and made him interesting. Well I won’t speak more of the game, since I think you all should play the game and I won’t say to much because I haven’t finished the game myself.

I’m still debating if I should keep the site in English or Swedish or just make a few posts in the language I feel like for the moment.
I really don’t know what to do. I can reach out to more people in English and I might start to like doing some reviews again if I speak English. But some parts are easier in Swedish and I might want to do some videos in the future… But I don’t know in what language there either! Well as we say in Sweden this is a real “I-lands problem”.

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