I don’t feel like it, tonight honey

I hate it when you have to feel like this. You have absolutely zero intresst in gaming. It could be that I have finished everything I own and now I feel empty. Probably it. But i just can’t get in the mood to sit down and play something. The only positive side of this for me is that I finally go and watch some movies.
Still hate this feeling. I was feeling like this ever since my PS3 got broken last year. And finally started to feel better in January.
Well perhaps I can write something on my stories. If I get the insperation.

But what about you folks out there? Do you ever feel you want to do something but never have the energy to do it? Or you just loose intresst in it? Do you know why?
Do you usually do something to get over it? I’ve tried to play some games, but I just don’t get into the spirit of playing it. It doesn’t feel fun. And I really don’t want to force myself unto something like this, risk is that if might backfire. It did it once in my life when I completly tired of everything.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean.
    No matter how great your gaming can be sometimes and you feel awesome inside it can always loose it’s shine when least expected.
    You gotta put some twist into it, go do something unexpected, something you usually won’t do and the shine will come back.
    Or at least that has worked for me.

    Im sorry you feel this way.

  2. Yeah, I think you are absolutely right.
    I just gotta find that thing. Like I really want to play Castle Crashers with you.
    Hopefully we can do that soon.

    Thanks mate.

  3. Mm, gonna see if the weather is better tomorrow. Its been crap here all day.
    So I’m hoping to be out a little tomorrow.
    And I atcually have a few movies I’m going to see, later tonight.

  4. Great! Tell me all about those movies.
    I saw The Punisher: Warzone yesterday.
    It was great in action perspective and very very much gore. =) I recommend watching it.

  5. Sound good. I think I’m gonna watch sometime before this week ends.
    I’m gonna watch the new Street Fighter movie and some bonus anime movie from Street Fighter 4.

  6. Sure, I feel that way pretty often. I usually end up just sitting at my computer, playing poker, listening to music, chatting with friends, instead of dealing with the issue. Sometimes I force myself to game, and sometimes it actually helps. Though sometimes you just have to let it take the time that it does. You can’t want the same things all the time, even though it’s your main interest. Sometimes it’s more fun to watch a movie or to write something, or just go out for a walk or something. And that’s not a bad thing.

    Hey, how’s your “no more soda”-thing going?

  7. I know what you mean, I don’t create music anymore.. I wan’t to do it, but I can’t find the insperation. So haven’t done any new for a long time, sometimes I start on somtihing, but it never leads to a whole song.


  8. So true. Just spends my days in front of the computer. It might be nice once in a while, but I would rather play.
    Need to get myself to finish Uncharted on “crushing”. Just to have completed it 100%.

    its going well. Even if I for some time ago, bought both a Coca Cola and Fanta.
    I needed to try myself. And I can honsetly say I’m “cured”. It didn’t taste good, so I’m really glad about that. ^^

  9. Mm, the main problem. Insperation.
    I would like to do more movies, but there are just nothing there to make me work.
    And when I finally do, its only half complete.
    It really sucks when it has to bee like this.

  10. Long time no see.

    Well well. Good day to you, good sir!

    It´s RyuKen.

    To bad I got banned almost a month ago. Sorry to hear about the gaming troubles but wait for Star Ocean 4 and Resident Evil 5. I´m having a blast with those two games.

    Wanna talk or something you can find me on gamereactor under the same nick. Oh, and some pretty bad news 4 u.


    First Vesperia now this!

  11. Re: Long time no see.

    Hey, RyuKen! I’m really glad you wrote here.
    I’ve missed you. I thought they would have released your ban by now. =(

    Then I finally have a reason to visit that site more often. Glad to hear you are having a good time the games.

    What!? Fuck no! Okay, then I’m gonna wait with buying a 360. Fuck! =(

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