Crisis to the Core!

So I’ve been playing Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, for the last days. Wow, what a game. First I want to say I’m not a FFVII fanboy like everyone else, but this game was good. And I’ve never been a fan of Cloud, but this game helped me to like him.
At least I understand his personality a bit more so I don’t have very much against him anymore. Glad you finally could learn more about Zack. I’ve always liked him.
Man he really has a hard life. I can willing admit when the game was over, I was almost crying. it really got to me. Well because I can feel like this is why I love it. Games that can make me cry (in a good way) are good games.
Since they can really bring forth my emotions, still waiting for a movie to do the same. =P
I was going to write a mini-review, but I lost my interesting in writing anything at the moment.

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  1. I’m so glad to hear that you like the game! :D Definitely one of my favorite games. Lovely screenshots as well and I see you too felt the urge to create a Zack icon, just as I did, once you’d finished the game. :)

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