Now I has a DS Lite! …. pink…

Hey! All you people out there. Got me a DS Lite today. I was planing on buying a new one, but a friend of mine sold was going to sell hers for 650SEK. I could not resist that price. But to my surprise it was “new”. She had never opened the charger, she had only played with the DS a little and then got bored of it. Hey, I don’t care! :D
I got it for a good price, so I’m happy!! almost… Its pink. :(

Not my kind of color exactly.. Well for the price I paid I won’t go around bitching about the color. :)

2 responses on Now I has a DS Lite! …. pink…

  1. Well look at that. :) It’s pink, but it’s yours. And for a very good price! :D The color doesn’t matter, you’ll enjoy gaming on it no matter what. :)

  2. Yeah, exactly. Sure, I’d be happier with a white one. But for the price I paied just about any colour had done the job. ^^
    So just awaiting my copy of Pokémon Pearl to, so I can start playing. :)

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