PlayStation 5 will be mine!

Now that we’ve finally had the announcment we where waiting for, the price and release date of the PlayStation 5, I though I’d post my thoughts and such about it.
Of course I’ve preordered and I really, really hope I get one on release day.
Please note that all release dates I’ve posted here are for the European market.

You’ve probably already heard when it’s releasing. But for us Europeans it will be released on November 19th, it’s best to check the prices where you live.
Here in Sweden it seems like the Digital Edition will go for 4990SEK and the one with a physical disc drive will sell for 5999SEK.

I have preordered the one that can play physical media, with game prices being higher this new coming generation, I want the ability to sell/trade games. I also want to be able to play my physical PlayStation 4 collection on PS5.
And not to mention UHD Blu-ray movies. Would love to have gotten the headset too, but that will have to come later.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
RELEASE: 2020-11-19 Europe

I’m a big fan of Marvel’s Spider-Man, it quickly became one of my favorite comicbook inspired videogame. But then again, Spider-Man has always been a favorite hero. Either way, when they announced Miles Morales as a sequel I was really happy.
I think this is the first time we can play as a Spider-Man that isn’t Peter Parker.
I could be very wrong about this so don’t lynch me. Gameplay looks good and fluid, can’t wait to swing around Brooklyn with Miles. Will be a release title.

Demon’s Souls
RELEASE: 2020-11-19 Europe

First and formost. I am not a fan of Souls games. I’ve tried a few but they have never clicked with me. I did however promise myself to give Demon’s Souls a chance if they did remake it. And yeah, well here I am. Not sure if I’m buying it at release, since next gen games are pretty expensive in Sweden. This will cost 799SEK and right now I will focus on Spider-Man which seems like more of a game for me. But I most say, this one looks really great and it really has me hyped to try it out.

Final Fantasy XVI
RELEASE: In the future…

There had been rumblings before the show that we would see the reveal of Final Fantasy XVI, but I didn’t really believe it. So this was a plesant surprise!
I’m really eager to learn more about this game, but for now I think it looks great!
I have been hoping the next one would have more of a fantasy setting, so I’m set so far!
No other info than we’ll see more under 2021 so far.

Immortals Fenyx Rising
RELEASE: 2020-12-03 Europe

I much prefered the title Gods & Monsters, but what can you do? I’m very eager to play this one, it looks like a Zelda game with Greek mythology.
I don’t have that much to say about that game, it will be my “Take a chance on it game” for the year. Either it will be good or it’ll be shit. So far I like what I have seen.

There are of course a bunch of other games releasing and coming to PlayStation 5 in the future. Right now I have only listed the games I’m interested in, there will be more lists like this in the future. For now these games will have to do. Are you getting a PlayStation 5 at launch? And if you are what games are you getting? Come tell me! :)