Cross Edge shipped!

Woho! My copy + my friend Ezakiel’s copy of Cross Edge has now been shipped from Videogamesplaus. Too bad they didn’t get it yesterday, I might have gotten the game before the weekend then. Guess I’ll have to wait untill monday now.

Soon souls will be mine!

Woho! Got a very nice letter from VideoGamesPlus last night.
Your order of Soul Calibur IV has ben shipped. WOHO!
This is the first time I’ve seen then being able so ship a game before its release date, which is today.
So I’m hoping I’ll be able to play the game on thursday. if VG+ is as fast as always with there delivery, I should have it in the mailbox by then.

Other than that, I’m actually enjoying “school”. Its pretty nice to meet new people and talk about other stuff. Today has been a blast. So I’ve loosen upp to this whole “school” thing.

My Xenosaga III has been shipped!

Woho! I’m happy now. My Xenosaga Episode III was sent from VG+ today! Right now I am very happy, so now I’m longing for monday! :D

Its been shipped! ^^
About 5 Days Left Untill I have it (I hope…)