And when it was starting to look nice…

So I got a phone call this morning, from the place where I was going to work.
They told me that they had solved their working problem so I was no longer needed. Why fucking thank you! So great, no extra money!

Ahh… it seems there was a missunderstanding. I’m probably going to start next monday. So it was all an missunderstanding, from my side… Woho! So next monday, it will all start. :)

BTW… I’ve decided to stop drinking Coca Cola. Why? Well I just wanna stop. Or at least cut down on it. So We’ll see how well that will go.

Thank you Lady Luck!

I’m pretty happy now. More happy than I’ve been ín a while. Why?
Well finally its my turn to have some luck. I’ve finally gotten ahold of a job.
YAY!!! Its only for six weeks though…. But if I’m even luckier it might lead to something. Which I hope, so I finally can start living my life.
So it feels pretty good right now. So I’ll hope it all will turn out good.

Well at least I’ll get some cash and be able to buy some stuff. So I’ll start looking for Xenosaga stuff that I don’t have. And other stuff I’ve wanted to get for some time.
Well take care, now I just enjoy that little time I have left to be on the internet at nights. I start working on Tuesday. ^^

Now I has a DS Lite! …. pink…

Hey! All you people out there. Got me a DS Lite today. I was planing on buying a new one, but a friend of mine sold was going to sell hers for 650SEK. I could not resist that price. But to my surprise it was “new”. She had never opened the charger, she had only played with the DS a little and then got bored of it. Hey, I don’t care! :D
I got it for a good price, so I’m happy!! almost… Its pink. :(

Not my kind of color exactly.. Well for the price I paid I won’t go around bitching about the color. :)


Yo, yo! What’s happening livejournal folks? Nothing new has happened at my place.
I’m currently just thinking about how much I want a DS lite now.
Still having some problems to figure out what color I want. White or Black?
I think the white one is more stylish, or how to put it… And the Black one looks just as delicious. So I’m a bit confused.

And what do you guys think about this skin? Is this something you would have bought for your DS? It would go very well with a Black DS Lite. But that’s what I think….

Ohh, well. I guess I’ll just see what happens. Can you folks tips me on any good DS games? And please tell me why I should buy them. :)

The Renegade Ghost Rider

I’m back! With my newest movie! This time I’ve made a music video by using scenes from a real movie. Yes, you heard me! No anime or game scenes this time!
But a real movie! And as the title of says its from the movie Ghost Rider.
Don’t watch this if you haven’t seen the movie! So just go ahead and watch it and comment it on YouTube if you like it.

The Renegade Ghost Rider

New game + Shadow Hearts 2 The Man Festival!

Today I finally got Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria. I haven’t had the chance to play much yet, but it seems like it’s fun.

I just finished uploading the newly recorded video.
This time its from Shadow Hearts 2. And from the sidequest “The Man Festival“.
I’ll just let the video speak for itself…

Be prepared…. XD

Ar Tonelico

When I opened the mailbox today what did I find? I fine packed from VideoGamesPlus. I thought to myself what ever could it be? (Of course I knew, I ordered the game! Duh!)

So I’ll go try this game and be back later, to see what I thought.