Pain and games

For the past week I’ve been in pain, not excruciating pain but enough to get me of balance completely. It seems like I have a small kidney stone, but since yesterday it seems like the pain is finally disappearing. Keeping my fingers crossed, I haven’t felt much today. So hopefully it came out naturally, hopefully this doesn’t jinx it…
So I definitely understand those who have to deal with larger kidney stones, that they most be in some fierce ache. Brr. Hope I don’t ever get this again.
So for now I’m alive and well and it feels good to have had the whole Sunday, without any pain. So I hope it will continue like this.

Other than being in pain not much has happened, since I haven’t really been in the mood for anything. But yesterday I started The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, me trying a WRPG. Let’s see how this goes, but so far it is actually pretty okay. We’ll see if it last though the whole game or if I quit if I don’t like it. I might put it in the shelf either way if Onechanbara Z2 chaos arrives next week, I only focus at one game at a time. The environments in Witcher 3 are phenomenal, it really beautiful. Finally got around to preorder Tales of Zestiria too, can hardly wait until October now. I want this game now!

I’ve seen Ant-man and I like it a lot. A fun movie, without a doubt my favorite movie with Paul Rudd. One of the better movies I’ve watched in some time I might say, or rather that entertained me. Now I’m waiting for all the goodie comic book movies of 2016 to have their premiers, next year will be a wonder year for comic book movie fans. Looking forward to it.
I’ve also check out a new apartment, it felt new, it felt fresh and it’s close to just about everything. I really hope I get it. Hopefully I get an answer early August if I get it, then I need to really keep a tight lid on any cash I have. Moving is not cheap, with all extra costs here and there. But in the long run I’m positive it is worth it.