Go-Busters is ENTERtainment

As some people here already now I’m a fan of Sentai/Tokusatsu and I’m watching the latest Sentai series, which is called Tokumei Sentai Go-busters. Yes, this will most likely be turned into a Power Rangers season in a year or so. And probably loose it’s great villain Enter, oh he makes the show so enjoyable. He is one of the big reasons I watch the show. The other being it feels so fresh and they are doing a bunch of new flashy stuff, which I enjoy tremendously. But apparently this is one of the worst rated seasons ever, and that makes me very sad indeed.

I really hope it can pick up views in Japan, I would love to get more sentai series with this kind of action. And that are actually trying to do something new.
Don’t get me wrong I love the old stuff, I really do. Otherwise I wouldn’t be watching it, but I like it when people try to add something new to mix. Sentai has been around for 36year now, so of course its nice when new stuff happens. And I seem to be one of those who love the shows who try to be a bit different, I’m hoping I’ll like the next one that comes after Go-Busters. I have a feeling they’ll try to play the safe card with that show, to get better ratings. But as long as it’s good and doesn’t revert back to the old stuff too much, I’ll probably like it.

Among the main cast there are three characters I just love! The two “special rangersBeet Buster and Stag Buster. They are both funny and badass Especially Stag Buster who’s name is Beet J. Stag, what an ego! He is a buddyroid that was built by Jin Masato, aka Beet Buster.
A buddyroid are robots who support the rangers with various things and are also needed to pilot their MegaZord. J is so far the only buddyroid who can transform into a ranger. Both Jin and J are a great combo, but they are always fussing about something. It’s great watching them and when they get serious they kick some major ass.

And last but definitely not least. ENTER!! One of the villains in the show I do hope he becomes the main villain. He serves under a powerful computer virus called Messiah and Enters job is to get enetron (energy, duh.) so Messiah can grow stronger and one day come into the real world. Enter is crazy, you can hardly ever predict what he is going to do. He is so damn random and he speaks with some added French words, I just can’t dislike him! He has also proven to be quite the adversary, when serious he took on one of the strongest if not the strongest ranger by himself and it felt like he played with him. Tossing him around like a toy, so he is very dangerous when he get serious. Words will do Enter no justice, just watch the show and Hopefully you might like Enter too. Because I love watching the Enter show featuring Go-Busters!