Kingdom Hearts The Two Songs

Here it is folks my newest AMV! It’s called Kingdom Hearts The Two Songs. If you haven’t beaten or played KH2 don’t watch it. If you have, please do! The first song is currently being worked into a fullversion video, so it will come up later. Hope you enjoy it. ^^

Kingdom Hearts The Two Songs

Nothing new. =/

Well everything has been pretty dead since I finished Xenosaga III. I got Final Fantasy XI yesterday, but my computer keeps fucking up when I try to update. So I’ll just have to borrow my fathers computer, hehe… So tomorrow I’m gonna try it. Hope its fun…
I’ve made two new videos since last time, currently I’m not working on any new video.
I’m thinking about making a new sprite video, but damn! Those take a while to make.
So I’m not sure… I haven’t even thought of what it should be about.
Perhaps somebody has some suggestions? ;)

Sonic The Hedgehog NG Cartoon Intro

Puni Puni Poemy and Bleach – His World

30hours & still going

I’ve been playing Xenosaga III for about 30hours now. I’m getting closer to the end. Once I’m done I’ll have to replay it to get some items I missed in the beginning of the game. And train some of my characters a bit better. Well I’ve uploaded a new video I made. Recorded with my crappy camera. Oh, well better than nothing.

Random Xenosaga III stuff

I’m still waiting…

I did not get my Xenosaga III on Monday. And I’m still waiting. And I’m starting to get frustrated… Really frustrated… And right now I’m screwed, bet I won’t have the chance to play it before the weekend, or perhaps later. Fuck! Fuck!

I’ve uploaded my newest AMV. And I might make another one, since it seems I won’t be playing Xenosaga III for a long time.

EDIT: Well, now I’m pretty happy. My friend Elden, let me borrow his PS2.
So will at least have this week to be able to play Xenosaga III. That is if the game comes this week…

Final Fantasy EC [Extra Clip]

1 Day left… Omg, can you believe it?!

Just one more day left untill Xenosaga III ships. Omg, omg! Can you really believe it?
It feels like a dream. And its gonna feel like forever once my copy is sent to me. Hoping for the best. Please got let me get it on friday! Nothing other to report sadly. And I just finished the Swedish version of my video; ”Be Prepared for Albedo”. The Swedish version is just called Var Beredd. Just like the song. Oh, well. Here ya go. :)

Xenosaga Var Beredd


Xenosaga Rangers 3rd intro

Well, this is the third and last version. At least of this intro.
There may be a new one coming sometime in the future, but then it will be all new.
Well I’m back to preparing a new Xenosaga video. I will upload it on this site later, I just have to make it first. ^^

Xenosaga Rangers 3rd intro

Xenosaga Rangers 2ND

Here is the 2nd/alternative version to Xenosaga Rangers. Here Shion is a ranger instead of Allen. And you can see the original Power Rangers intro in the left corner so you can see and compare my intro to the original.

Xenosaga Rangers 2ND intro