The time has come!

The day, i’ve waited for and longed for has come! After I am done with a few stuff and helped with some shopping here at home, I’m finally going to play Valkyria Chronicles! I’ve waited since October to play this game and I’m hyped!
So of to fix the shopping and then its time to do some serious playing! I’ll come back later with my own impressions.

And I almost forgot. 13days without cola or any other soda. =)
It will just keep growing.

Games! WOO!

So got some mail today. Yummy, delicious things. This is an early Christmas present from my family and relatives. So I’m happy. Don’t need to spend money on those later. Not sure I could had anyway…. Well all that I need now is a new Playstation 3 and I’m ready to go… Bah.

Valkyria Chronicles & Eternal Sonata

So its November now…

Yes,November. This year has gone by fast and not much good stuff has happened. But I’ve said all that before, so I won’t repeat myself again. :P
What are people doing? How are you doing?
Myself? Well I’m sadly not doing anything, just sitting by the computer and watching the days slowly and painfully pass.
I guess that happens when you have nothing to do. And how I’m doing? Right now not so well. I’ve had a headache since last night, not as bad but its still there. And I’m sitting here being bored with a headache in school. I wish I had stayed in bed. Ughh.

Well gotta do it for the money, so I can get me a new Playstation 3.
I really need a new one now, I’m more and more excited over
Valkyria Chronicles. God I’m hoping I can get a new one in Febuari.
Then I’m going to leave the internet for a while and do nothing but game! How I long for that. That’s all the complaining for now. Hope there can be some good news to post soon.

Anotherone bites the dust!

Wowo!! Finally! I’ve finally beaten Enchanted Arms for PS3.
I started playing this game when it was new for the Xbox 360, but thanks to a certain red light. (-.-) I could never finish it. Now what 2-3years later I’ve finally done it. It feels good to have it of my back. The game was… Okay. It had its moments but I’m pretty sure I’m never going to touch it again. And if I do its to complete other sidequests and other various things I might have missed.

Things I dont give a shit about in this game. I just wanted to finish it and I did.
Aha, so now I’m 100% free to just play Soul Calibur 4. Even if I think that game will be finished very fast, well at least I have something to play when people come over. ^^
And the next game on the list is Disgaea 3, so now I can get more hyped about that.
Well now I’m just going to wait for Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata for the PS3. Hopefully Eternal Sonata will come out soon. ^^

The 4th month is here

Ah, and now its already been 4months of this year. Time sure does fly.
For the record I hate April’s fools. There was barely any site online, that did not try to fool people.Come on grow up! You do stuff like that when your five.
I had my heart crushed a bit last year when RPGamer announced that Xenosaga IV was on it way, and I was stupid enought now to check the date. They hurt many people that day, or more liked kick people that was already knocked out.

Well as some of you might know, I’m very much looking forward to the PS3 game Valkyria Chronicles. If you don’t know what it is, look up a few trailers on gametrailers. Well yesterday I heard something good about the game, that I know a certain someone might like very much. =)
The games music composer is none other than Hitoshi Sakimoto.

In other news I got Sonic The Hedgehog for PS3 a while ago. (No, still don’t have a Ps3 yet! *sob*)
My sister bought it for me, since it was cheap on VideoGamesPlus. I justed joked about it with her, and she bought it for me. Well I’m not complaining, free games are always welcome. So it should be fun to see if I like it, or complain about it like everyone else. And speaking of Playstation 3.
I’m aiming to get one this month. So hopefully…If everything goes well, I’ll be having my own Playstation 3 at the end of April. *crossed my fingers*
Of course anything can happen, so its not written in the stars, but I’ll try to have faith this time.
So we’ll see, but I most get one before Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out!