Some updates to the site

I’ve done some updating on the site. Like adding a drop down menu in the menu tab above. The only problem is that folks that use Internet Explorer 6 or older can’t use the menu. And I can’t seem to get any sort of javascript to work either, so poeple can use them. So there will be links in the sidebar for the new stuff that has been added to the menu tabs. Well for now at least. I’m just having them there for now, so I know everyone who wants to visit the site can see everything.
They will disappear with time. I’m just being nice now. ;)
I know the site works perfectly fine in FireFox, so I have no idéa how it looks like in other browsers. But hopefully it looks good there too. I’ve also decided to hide the tags I use on every post, I was started to get annoyed with having them in posts and I think it looks better without them.

The first new thing to appear is MY VIDEOS and can be found under ABOUT ME tab. Here I’ve posted videos and AMVs (Anime Music Videos) that I’ve made.
Not everything but the ones I really and want people to see. I’ll be adding more stuff there later. Like a photo/picture gallery. I’ll probably but my CLEARED GAMES list under there too, since its related to me I think it should be put there. I think that was everything, for now at least. Now I gotta try and finish work with my 2009 list!

Computer update!

Some update on the computer problem. It seems my father, managed to get my computer to work again. God I’m so happy about that. At least I can do some work on it again. The hard drive was totally wasted, so nothing to save. Sadly.
Well at least it works again, which I’m very happy about. As I’ve already mentioned. Now I just got a bunch of programs to reinstall.

Flytt och shit

Tyckte det var dags med en liten post nu. Jag är mitt i en flytt och har knappt tillgång till internet just nu. Jag bor även för tillfället hos min polare Elden tills vidare.
Då vi inte har fått tillgång till det nya huset än, pga av vissa grejer som blev försenade. Inget jag kommer gå in mer på, för jag orkar inte och vill inte.
Men förhoppningsvis är flytten klar till helgen sedan tar det förhoppningsvis inte allt för länge, innan man får internetet fixat där.
Så man har känt sig lite nere av allt detta som hänt så snabbt. Men men.

På fredag ska jag hämta ut två bokade PS3 spel ifrån Gamestop. Dragon Age: Origin och Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. Dragon Age ska jag inte behålla. Så känner ni någon som vill ha det och har ett exemplar av Brütal Legend att byta (PS3 då) säg gärna till. För jag byter direkt. Så länge jag i alla fall vet vem det är jag ska byta med.
Men varför byta till sig ett spel man inte ens vill ha? Jo, jag hade två skitspel att bli av med och Gamestop hade ju erbjudandet 2st spel+1kr så fick man det.
Tog det i förhoppningen att få byta till mig Brütal Legend av något. Eller kanske byta till något annat roligt.

Jag vet som sagt inte när jag kommer vara tillbaka online, men jag lär ju skriva om det så fort jag vet något. Så hoppas det inte dröjer allt för länge. November spelkaraktären till vänster är Aqua, ifrån Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.
Ha det bra!

Some of the functions in PS3 firmware 3.0

Someone has seemed to hade given out some more info on the upcoming Playstation 3 firmware update 3.0. There are a bunch of new stuff that seems pretty great. I’m very intressted to see what dynamic themes we’ll be getting.

– The right analogue stick functionality during video playback looks like it will be pretty powerful. When you push the stick in any direction, the video will pause You can then rotate the stick for speeds ranging between slow motion and four times. Rotate clockwise, and you’ll advance the video. Counterclockwise will backtrack. The speed can be adjusted at a precision of 0.01 times. Let go of the stick, and the playback will continue at normal speed.

– The web browser’s print screen functionality can output to a printer connected via USB and over LAN. Only certain printers are compatible though.

– This is something you might have not noticed before (I certainly never gave much thought to it). Currently, when you start up your PS3, the XMB interface begins by pointing at the games section. Starting with firmware 3.0, the interface will default to pointing at the newly added What’s New section of the network column. This is true even if you have a disc in the system. You can go into the settings menu to switch back to the original behavior if you like.

– The analogue clock display in the upper right side corner of the screen has been switched to a busy indicator. When the system is working, you’ll see the clock spinning.

– The font size and icon size for the main interface have become a bit bigger. This was implemented in order to better show what area is in focus.

– From version 3.0, all versions of the PS3 — old and new — will have a change to their startup sequences. When booting up the system for the firts time, PlayStation family logo, PS3 logo, and PlayStation 3 logo will all display simultaneously. When you start up a game, the PS3 logo will no longer be shown, giving a slight boost in speed to startup time. Note that this does not apply to original PlayStation games, as they run on an emulator.

– Version 3.0 adds support for more dynamic themes using videos and other elements. The system’s base “wave” theme has also been changed to a display of fine particles. Backgrounds for such themes are created by the same SDK that’s used to make games. There’s a slight bit of interaction with the particle effects. If you’re scrolling down, the particles will flow down. If you’re scrolling left, the particles will flow left.

– I’m certain some people have figured this out already, but the slimline PS3 does not ship with System 3.0. This was due to circumstances during manufacturing. Slim buyers will have to update like the rest of us.

Here is the source.

Some updates

I’ve finished watching the entire CLANNAD anime now. And I must say it was really good. But some parts in the show really got me teared up, but it was really good. Almost as touching as Kimi Ga Nozomo Eien.
So now I need to find a new anime series I can watch. Got any ideas?

Been working a bit in photoshop and vectorized my friend Elden’s picture of an adult Presea. Yes, the same Presea from Tales of Symphonia.
You can head over to my deviant to see a WIP. (Work In Progress)
I’m also starting work on a new vector of Jessica from the game
Lunar Silver Star Story. That will probably take some time before its finished, but I’ll post it here when its done.

And I think I’ll start playing Wild Arms 5 tomorrow. Been looking forward to, especially since I thought WA4 was a major let down. And I’ve heard very good things from friends regarding WA5, so I’m hoping its really good. If not WA5 I will probably start playing Ar Tonelico 2 tomorrow instead, a game I’ve also been very interested in.
The first game was good but had some flaws, I’m at least hoping the battles in AT2 won’t be as repetitive as the ones in the first game. Either way I’m looking forward to playing both games and will.

Well I guess this was all for now. Might have some bigger better news in a couple of weeks. But its best not to write it out here yet, before I actually know that its going to happen. Or else it will probably jinxed.
But I really hope I can post about it here, its something I’m really looking forward too.

Random Update

Well I’m just here with a random update.
Nothing speciall has happened, and will probably not happen.
Well I cleared Xenosaga I & II for the DS last night. It was pretty good. But it would have been better If , I actually could understand everything in the game.

Oh, well. You can’t get everything.  And a speciall gift for you all.
The Xenosaga Freaks OST. I can’t remember who is the original ripper/uploader.
But now I’ve uploaded it. So enjoy. ^^

Xenosaga Freaks OST