I’m back again! Or am I?

Hello friends! I’m hoping my internet troubles are fixed now. I haven’t had any troubles since last night and all until right now, at least. So we’ll see, but I’m hoping for the best.
I’m also hoping that I get my copy of Batman: Arkham City tomorrow, I really wanna kick more ass as Batman tomorrow! Keeping everything I can crossed that I’ll get it tomorrow. For now I am playing Back To The Future part 1.

And in exactly one week I’ll turn 28. Damn! So much stuff that has happened this year it almost overwhelming, both good and bad… But hopefully its been more good stuff than bad for once.

Internet meltdown!!

It took me some time to get this text ready, but I’m having massive internet problems. It seems like my modem is dead or on the verge of dying. It works a little while then everything shuts down. Tried disconnecting my router and stuff like that, still no improvement.
Well I managed to be online for a while yesterday on my Playstation 3, but then everything shut down. I might have to wait between 1-2 weeks before getting an replacement, I sure hope it goes faster… Surfing on the mobile, while better than nothing. Ain’t much fun.

But it isn’t all bad actually, I’ve had a good chance to catch up on some anime’s I’ve had on my HDD. And since yesterday I’ve been playing God of War Collection Volume 2. I played through GoW: Chains of Olympus in one sitting yesterday, that was fun. I loved it. And earlier today I did the same thing with GoW: Ghost of Sparta. All in one sitting, god I’ve missed playing games like that. Both games where awesome, but I think I liked GoS more. It had more story on Kratos past and it nice to see some of the events leading up to GoW III. Plus I really liked his spartan weapons, a shield and spear. I thought it was great fun running around killing enemies that way and it made me wanna see 300 again…

Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be getting my copy of Batman Arkham City this upcoming Friday. If not, its gonna be a long, long weekend. But I’ll probably survive it. Hopefully.

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