Dead Rising and the Uranus Zone

So Capcom is releasing a new version of Dead Rising 2. Called Dead Rising 2: Off The Record and it stars Frank West from the original Dead Rising game, this is an reinterpretation on Dead Rising 2. This is how would be game would be if Frank came to Fortune City. And I gotta say, it looks fun! I’M GOING TO URANUS ZONE!!!

Stay retro, my friends!

If you haven’t seen this trailer for 3D Dot Game Heroes do it now! I can’t help but love it, its full of so much charm/win. God, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game!!

Darksiders! Do fucking want!

I’ve finally found a new game to look forward to. Darksiders. People have said its very Zelda-like, in the way it plays. Visiting dungeons the same way. That’s what I’ve heard. Don’t know if its true, but it has me hyped. And I really like the idea of playing as one of the 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Two RPG demos up on JP PSN store

If you have a PS3 and are itching to try some RPG titles, head over to the Japanese PSN store and download demos o Eternal Sonata and Cross Edge.
Then give me a shout with impressions. I would appriciate that..