Another month has gone to its end. And nothing special has happened. I was hoping for something BIG now in Februari, but nothing. *sigh*
I don’t want to say anything about it because it will only make me more depressed. But I’m keeping my fingerscrossed for March now…

I still haven’t been to the movies and watched Jumper. Need to find out when it runs. So I cn use my free tickets. Well that’s about it. Februari has been a boring month as hell. I could have done without it. Other then that I’ll just go back to watch some more anime. I really don’t feel like playing anything right now. None of the games I have at least. Guess I’ll have to look for something new on the PS2.

Take care you all.

Movie tickets (part 2)

Wowoh! It really was I who won! :D
I got to free tickets today for the movie Jumper. So now I’ll have to check the times for when the movie is shown. Just hope these tickets are a sign of better things to come… Well more on that (hopefully) later this month.

Did I win movie tickets?! :O

Wow! Its seems like I’ve finally won something again. Not 100% sure but it looks that way. I’ve won movie tickets to the movie Jumper. I didn’t have any intention on watching this until it came out as a rental. Gamereactors Jumper movie tickets winners. Look at the last name, “Micke Johansson, Kristianstad“. Well that’s probably me!

So I’ll see how many tickets I get, I’ll probably invite my parents along. Would be fun to do something just the three of us and get away from my siblings. :P
But as I mentioned, I have to see how many tickets I get first before I decide on anything… Guess I’ll now for sure next week. I’ll keep you all updated. ^^