Batman is beaten! And the game was…

… Really good actually! I was a bit worried when Rocksteady wouldn’t be developing Batman: Arkham Origins, but it turned out pretty good! Even if I’ve had my share of bugs and that I could have done without. Some bugs made it impossible to continue, I had to exit the game and then go back into it again for it to be possible to progress through the game. Sure, it’s not that bad. But come on! I shouldn’t have to reset the game for it to work. =/

Well the game is great and both Batman and the Joker‘s new voice actors do a great job! Troy Baker who voices the Joker is scary! He does such a good job at times, that I had a hard time telling that it wasn’t Mark Hamill that voiced him! He is great the other times too, but some times he is just as I said scary.
I love how they did with Bane in this game, he is smart, powerful and great! A shame he isn’t this good IMO in the other two Arkham games. But this is so far without a doubt my favorite version of Bane.

All in all Batman: Arkham Origins is a good game and I think you should play it if you liked the other two Arkham games. If you didn’t know this is a prequel and takes place before both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. This became my 94th beaten PlayStation 3 game and my 23rd beaten game this year. Only six more games to beat my goal of having played and beaten 100 PlayStation 3 games! Well I’ve played well over a 100 games, but I only count them I beat. And now we are roughly two weeks away from the PlayStation 4 release here in Sweden! I’m getting hyped and pumped! So looking forward to try the DualShock 4. Hope these two weeks go by in a flash!