Replaying Tales of Graces f & it’s snowing

So far I haven’t played any really good games this year, sure there has been a few games that has been really great. But they have been so few… Later in the month I’ll post my best/worst games of 2012. Gotta keep that tradition alive.

So for now I am actually replaying Tales of Graces f, something I hardly do. Replaying RPG’s that is, but I really loved Graces and I actually have nothing else I really want to play. I have other games to play, but I’m not so interested in playing them. Not right now at least. It’s also so fun to replay, because I won’t make the same mistakes I made the first time. Or like I had a hard time with some stuff in the game, I’m better trained now and so far has plowed through all earlier obstacles. So I’m really having a blast!

And then we’ve gotten snow… Not to fond of this, sure it looks nice and it shines a bit brighter. But it also makes it much harder to get to work for me. Its cozy and stuff like that, would probably enjoy it more if I had a girlfriend I could snuggle together with and just enjoy the colder weather. Yeah, that would be so nice. That feel, that feel bro.

Tales of Graces ƒ cleared

So a few minutes ago I watched the end credits for Tales of Graces ƒ, well at least the end credits for the main game. I will have the future arc to get through, but as I said the main game is cleared. Damn! I love this game! I was not disappointed at all with this, it really lived up to all my expectations. I honestly can say that nothing disappointed me, but then again I’m rarely disappointed by a Tales of game. so far its only been Tales of Legendia that has been lacking for me. But it had good music at least!

I loved that Namco Bandai made sure to voice all skits! I know they did it with Tales of Vesperia too, but you never know… I really hope they’ll keep doing this in future localized Tales of games. Come on Namco! Give us Tales of Xillia now! I’m ready, we are ready! Give it too us.
My biggest complaint with Graces so far has too be that Namco is to hot on the DLC stuff, all the nice and cool costume titles are buyable DLC. You can’t get them in the game otherwise, but they are on the disc… Sadly this is also something Tales of Xillia suffers from and probably all future Tales of games, but as long as we can get the games in English I shouldn’t complain about such a minor thing. It’s not like the game is worse because of this, it’s just a shame they’re going this way.

Well it’s the best game I’ve played in a while and it was a very anticipated game for me, so I’m really glad it turned out to be so much to my liking. So now we’ll see what more games will be truly awesome this year.

Tales of Graces ƒ baby!!

Tales of Graces ƒ is here! It’s true, it’s finally here! How I have waited, how I have longed for it! Gonna let the game install now and then I’m going to play a bit of it today, since I’m somewhat tired already. But that might change one I start playing, probably will. No more time to stay here now, I need to play!!

500 posts!! I’ll keep going!

Been playing Jak and Daxter Trilogy for Playstation 3. Been playing the first game in the series and I liked it very much, never got/took a chance to play it when it was out for the Playstation2. So I had been looking forward to a HD collection with these games for some time, so I’m glad they where made. When all three games are finished, when that will be… I’ll probably do a proper review for them.

This post also marks my 500th entry on my page! Goddamn, a big number! I’ll be going for another 500 of course! I’m not stopping, I’ll keep on writing as long as I need to. And if people want to read that, then that’s even better. So thanks to all who’s stuck with me.
I really, really hope my copy of Tales of Graces f will arrive by Friday next week… I really want to play that game, right now! Hope I have time to play it too, much to do at work so I’ve been tired as hell when I get home. And I’m preparing for my move to the new apartment too.

Dark, Dirty and Dangerous!

I’ve gotten my hands on Jak and Daxter Trilogy! I have wanted to play these games for such a long time, but never really had a chance. Well, that’s not entirely true, but it would have a bit bothersome. Either way, I have them now and I am looking forward to sink my teeth into the games. Which I’ll do as soon as this post has gone up.
And Tales of Graces f is preordered and I’m just waiting for it to be released and shipped. Good god I’m so eager to play that game! Final Fantasy XIII-2 is okay, not much more. At least that’s what I think now, so I really need a game like TOGF. I’ll see if I have the interest to finish FFXIII-2 one day. Perhaps when there is nothing more of interest for me to play, so I guess its good to have a backup game for such a time.

Suck Calibur and finally Friday

Thank god it’s finally Friday. This week has been a killer, started going up at 04.00 so I can get to work. Why so early? Because I am helping out at a new place at work and we start earlier. So I’ve been and are tired as hell this week.

Soul Calibur V was a dissapointment, I didn’t enjoy it at all. I didn’t even have much fun making characters. A shame since it seemed to be pretty fun, but I guess this just confirmed that fighting games are not meant for me. Even if I am tempted by the BlazBlue series. Well for now I am going to trade in SCV, sorry to those who wanted to borrow it..
Next Wednesday I am going to play Jak and Daxter Trilogy. My first time playing those games. So I’m looking forward to that. Hope I’ll enjoy them. And soon its time for Tales of Graces F, my most anticipated title of the year. Well, one of my most anticipated titles of the year.

I really want to get a recording box so I can recotd what I am playing. That would be really great, not that I really need it, it would just be fun.
And speaking of fun, I might have a pretty big thing to reveal next week. And since nothing is sure right now I wont talk more about it right now.

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Tales of Vesperia, eat my artes!

Just finished the second RPG of this year, Tales of Vesperia. Sure, I had played most of the game early last year. And finally got around to finish it now, that I had a working Xbox 360 to play it on. And boy I really do love the Tales of series. Probably one of my favorite RPG series right now, if I must be honest.
So I’m really looking forward to the Playstation 3 release of Tales of Graces F now! And speaking of PS3 is it such a shame that Namco Bandai didn’t release an English version of the PS3 version for Tales of Vesperia. I want my KOS-MOS costume on Judith, goddamn it!!
So if I find a Japanese/Asian copy of the game cheap sometime, I’m gonna buy it. Yeah, I’ll buy it for just such a simple reason…

Anyway… I loved this game very much, the characters, music, the world. Just about everything. I think my biggest complaint about the game is the last part of the game and the last boss. I wasn’t feeling any of it, so yeah that might be just me. But I thought that whole part of the game was pretty weak. I had hoped for a tad more. Just to be clear it does in no way make the game any less, fun or good. This is just what I think anyway. And if you have a way to play this game, I can highly recommend it.
Probably one of the best RPG’s I’ve played this generation, if not my favorite so far.

I’m not going to go much deeper into the game than this, experience it for yourself if you can. And I hope you’ll buy future Tales of games, so we can get more of them translated. I’m really crossing my fingers and hoping we can get Tales of Xillia localized in English at some point. Hopefully Tales of Graces F will sell well enough for Namco Bandai, so they’ll consider it…

I’ll be taking a little break from gaming now, there are stuff that I need to do in my life right now. Like study to get better and be able to more on my job. Mostly it’s just that, so sadly that will have to take up all my game time right now. If I was better at studying I could perhaps do both, but as I am right now I want to give 100% focus on my work. Its only for three weeks or some, I can hold on. I can also play some older unfinished games at weekends, so its not like I am taking a whole vaccination from gaming. But when I get back, sometime in the beginning of February I hope to be able to play Soul Calibur V. I’ll still make my posts here as usual.