I will survive?

Ugh! One big fucking UGH! This month is a real killer, I really hope I’ll survive this one. I’m going to get less money than I expected, the bills where higher than expected..
I thought it was going to be the same it had been the last three months, but apparently it was much more expensive this month. So goddamn great.
When everything is payed I’m going to have about 400sek left and I need to buy food for a whole month for that. Good fucking luck… Yeah, I’m whiny and bitchy right now. Don’t feel all to good either. I’m sorry ZX-Omega but I won’t be able to visit you, I can’t afford any extra stuff now. I don’t honestly have the strength to care to much about going away either right now. And I was going to a christmas party with my work too, I’m having a hard time even thinking about spending time with other people right now. I was hoping to buy some new clothes to wear there. I think I’m going to puke soon…