What a goddamn surprise!

Yes, this post is about my Xbox 360 I bought last week. The one I payed my friend 100SEK for. I knew it was old, I knew It could crash and burn on me. And guess what? It fucking did! Yeah, seriously… I’m fucking cursed.
Again I knew this could be the case, but the CD-drive died on me and put a nice new scratch in my Tales of Vesperia CD. So I have to get that fixed and just wait till I can afford a new X360. This week has started great and I was really looking forward to play ToV some more, a lot more actually.

If there is something to be happy about it that I’m going to meet with a skin specialist to take a look at my “Psoriasis” and finally I might get the right treatment I need. Don’t know when I will be called, but that things have started moving there is great at least.

Well this week has started so great, hopefully it will be better… A meeting with the bosses tomorrow, get to hear what they think of me and the work I’ve done. Hope its good news, I can’t take more bad stuff right now. Feels like my head is about to blow.
Wonder what I should play now? Guess I’ll have to wait until 3D Dot Game Heroes is released. At least I’m going to see Iron Man 2 on Friday with ZX-Omega, he took pity on me an treated me to the movie. So I have that to look forward to.

Lady luck? Did you just smile at me?

Yeah, as people might know. I’m not the luckiest guy on earth. Far from it. More like the unluckiest. Well a few bits have changed and finally I feel a bit better.

The meeting with “arbetsförmedligen” went really well yesterday.
The person I met was really good and friendly. So we had a good chat.
And I’m pretty satisfied with what we talked about. No talks about school at least.
But perhaps I will go to a six weeks class later. They will help me with job applications and other stuff. That’s pretty good. So it feels good. I’m going to continue to search for jobs at the moment. A bit sad perhaps, but I’ve got more time for that now when I don’t have to sit in a school.

And for the biggest news. Which I’m actually not going to talk about. =)
Mainly for the reason, each time I have it has always gone to hell. So I’m keeping shut about it. But its 99.9% confirmed! Sometime next week, monday or tuesday (perhaps later). Well either way look forward to a very happy update from me. ^^