Weekend break!

Wow, the last month I have been swamped with work… And after tomorrow it’s finally a new weekend. Time to recharge those batteries, I really hope things will be better once I’ve moved and I can rid myself of stress. And I’m still not feeling well, I actually don’t have the energy to do much. Good thing there are stuff I have to do, or I might have faded way deep into depression.
I’ve at least managed to get a few more hours played on Sonic Generations and finished the game yesterday, pretty nice game actually. I enjoyed the classic Sonics parts more than modern Sonic. Even if both where good, classic was better IMO.
Now I’m going to sink my teeth into Catherine (I literally would love that, if it was Katherine.), so I’m hoping that it’s a good game. I’ve heard both good and bad things about it, so we’ll see which side I’ll land on.

This coming weekend my good friend ZX-Omega is coming to visit. I haven’t seen him in a while, so I’m going for total internet blackout this weekend. So I won’t be reachable, perhaps not much different from now. But this time I’m choosing it of my own will, but because I have to go to bed early just to try and get a few hours of sleep… Good god, I can hardly think about anything else than my new apartment. I want to move now! Now!! I really want to get away from where i live now, for a bunch or various reasons. So I can start to feel and get better.

And on the 27th it’s finally time for The Avengers! Really looking forward to see that on the big screen, being the nerd I am. And that is also the last weekend before the move!

Give me cheese for my whine!!

Yesterday was a pretty awful day. Work was pretty okay, but then my colleague that I work with got sick and headed home. Leaving me with a bunch of work. And driving our big cleaner machine, which I’ve only have received little training for. It went okay, but still… That was a bit to much to take in all on one day, but it had to be done and I was pretty stressed out.
Well after this hard day, I managed to get home a bit earlier. Needed to do some shopping since my fridge was empty as fuck, yay out into the wild! People everywhere for some reason, more people than it usually is. And me having “torg skräck” I get very stressful around lot’s of people and got a minor panic attack.
After a few hours I’m finally done, I have about 3 hours before I should go to bed and try to get some sleep. So I think, hey Micke. You work hard today, buy something good. So I order some kebab from my usually place, but this could possibly have been the worst meal I’ve had in ages. It cost 84SEK and the fries where tasteless, the kebab unfinished. URGH!
There quality have been dropping much lately and this was the last straw for me, I’m not eating there anymore.

Yes! Give me cheese dood!