This was a really bad week…

This week has been one hell of a week, it started bad but thankfully it’s gotten better! It would really kick-started my depression and I really don’t want that right now. This is just a rant post, I need to get the negative thoughts out of my head. Firstly it started with my headache, I’ve had it for a few days but Monday-Tuesday where the worst days of it. With nausea and dizziness following the headache. And to top the Monday of even more I got my bicycle stolen outside my home, me and a neighbor or two got ours taken. So that of course added to my already grumpy personality.

Since I’ve more or less have slept this week away, because I could hardly do anything else the headache really took it’s toll on me. I haven’t been able to go too the gym either, so I feel really guilty about that. Yesterday, my keyboard stopped working and I’m low on funds right now to buy something new. So I had to dig out an really old crappy keyboard. Sure this is just whining but still, little stuff adding and adding when you’ve already had a bad week can sometimes make or break everything.
The worst part is that my cellphone is singing its last song and that is really something to be really worried about. I need the phone, to keep track of my meetings, contact people.
The calender is more or less essential in my work since I can sync it with my computer. Those of you who need your phone in your work, knows just how important it is to have it working. So now I need to start looking for a new one, again I don’t have the cash for this right now. And I’m just feeling the pressure of this stuff now, stuff getting stolen, stuff breaking. Why most everything happen at the same time? Give me some time to breathe!

Everything is starting to feel better now, no more headache and I’ve regained my strength and energy. So that feels really good! The feeling you get when you can finally rise from all shitty stuff that has happened is one of the greatest feelings I know. Next week it E3, that a reason too be happy. I’m going to watch it with my friend Elden this year, so that’s going to be really great! I soon have vacations, all together I’m just working nine more days. then I’m just going to chill! So that’s something I’m longing for and I have a whole lot of games I can’t wait to finally have some time too play. Plus I am going to the gym everyday on my vacation, so be sure I keep some form of time table. Or I might accidentally revert back into old ways of living. But in the end, I think everything will be good and workout just fine.