E3 2015: The rest of the show

And the E3 conferences have ended, well they ended some days ago actually.
This year was a pretty good show, with some surprises that actually interests me.
My biggest surprise among everything is that Square Enix and PlatinumGames are making a new NieR game. I was ecstatic to say the least. NieR was one of my favorite games for the previous generation so I’m very hyped about this one. PlatinumGames really is making every game from now on, they are involved in Transformers: Devastation, new NieR and Star Fox Zero for the Wii U.

We got too see a great new clip from Kingdom Hearts III and it looks bigger than ever! We got confirmation that Star Ocean 5 is being released in west for the PlayStation 4 in 2016 and we got a video of the game. I’m amazed how well it worked with their seamless battles, walking in the fields, see a monster and the battle menu pops up. While this is nothing new, I’m just amazed how quick it is! And you can have a big party with you to battles, they show 6 characters in battle at the same time and there seems to be room for one more. Crazy.

While Square Enix conference was long, they had some pretty sweet announcements that spoke to me. The one I found most boring was Nintendo. I liked their show with the puppets, but they didn’t announce anything new that spoke to me. They showed mostly stuff that was already announced and stuff that I already want, but I can’t honestly remember if there was anything else that spoke to me. Probably not, and remember this is my opinion. If you liked it good for you, good for you that you got something out of it.

All in all one of the best E3 in a good while. Usually there are just about one or two games that usually interest me. But this year there was a bunch, so I’m happy. I’m glad there was such a focus on the games this year from the big 3, they didn’t talk sales numbers or stuff like that. They just rolled with it and I liked that. They can do something separate if they want to announce how much they’ve sold. This E3 will certainly be remember as one of the better ones. What was your favorite stuff from E3?

Nintendo’s E3 2011

Thank god Nintendo’s conference wasn’t as late as Sony’s. Well late or early depending where you live. The Nintendo 3DS seems to be getting a heap of good games. Like Luigi’s Mansion 2, Super Mario 3D, just to name some really caught my attention. So I’m finally starting to feel a bit of an urge to get one, but I’ll probably wait until the price falls a bit. Or try to import one, still expensive here in Sweden.

Then we had Nintendos reveal of their new home console, with the name Wii U… I would have preferred Wii HD, Wii 2 over this name. But best I liked when it was rumored to be called Nintendo Stream. Aside from the name it look really nice, cool you are not bund by a tv. Perfect for those moments when nature calls. ;D
Well I am looking forward to get more info, since Wii U seems really interesting. And props to Nintendo for getting so many third party publishers to make games for it. I think its awesome that games like Darksiders II and Batman Arkham City will be available on this console.

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