Row, row, fight the spam!

As I’ve said before I’m having huge trouble with spammers. Fucking assholes of the earth.
I used SI CAPTCHA before and it worked good against spam. But some people have complained that they can’t post anything since they can’t see the letters. Well that’s why I’m using this new anti-spam plugin.
If won’t show any images, you just need to type in a math number, its fast and easy.
And it will work even for those who had problems with SI CAPTCHA.
So hopefully this means, people will actually have enough energy to comment again. Since I installed CAPTCHA, people have been so lazy with the comments. Sadly.
Sure I understand I might not make the most interesting of posts, but come on hey! Take a little time to comment now. ;)

I’ve also added something to the site. You might see there is a new link on the main menu here above, called Reviews. Every review I post will automatically be posted as a link in that list. Took some time to get right, but I finally manged to get it to work. So my review posts won’t show on the front page here anymore, but instead turn up in that list. So when I make a review I’ll make a post somewhere, to inform people that there is a new review added. So far the game reviews are in Swedish and will probably most likely stay that way. For now at least.

Due to heavy amounts of spam…

I made a post about this before, but removed it since I thought I have solved the problem. I’ve been getting more and more visitors to my site and thanks to that, even more spam! But no, it didn’t work. So now I’ll have to try this again.
So now what then? I have added CAPTCHA to my site, so you’ll have to enter a little code for when you post. I hope the good people who have commented will still do so, even if I have this on the site. I’m sorry to do this and wish we could live without spam, but as far as I know right now. Using captcha is the best way to fight of spam.

EDIT: Found another plugin now that actually seems to be working. So I’ll go with that before resorting to the captcha plugin.

EDIT 2: It didn’t work. Instead, I got over 168spam comments in one day.That was really awesome! Sorry, folks. Captcha will sadly have to stay.