Games I’m looking forward to in 2013

And so it’s time for my games I’m looking forward to list again! This time its for the known games of 2012 that I’ll be writing about. But of course, it the world now ends in a few days who cares about stuff like this!?! Well there are quite a few games next year that I am looking forward to and these are only games that are confirmed to be released next year. I’m sure I could expand this list otherwise, but for now some of my most anticipated games for 2013 will have to do. The games are in no special order, I wrote them down in the order I remembered them. But of course some games are more anticipated than others.

Tales of Xillia
– Well, since I’ve made a couple of threads about this game before. I think I’ve said everything I wanted to say. Now give me the game!! =)

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch:
– Hehe, guess I’ve talked a bit about this title too. Really looking forward to see how Level 5’s game will play, I will not touch the demo that releases on the US PSN later tonight or the EU demo who releases tomorrow. I want a whole fresh experience.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence
– I am not a Metal Gear fan, not in the slightest. I have enjoyed some of the games, but not so much as I could call myself a fan. Well, not anymore at least! But I’m interested in Rising mainly because of what I’ve seen so far looks kickass and fun to play. And then again it’s made by Platinum Games and even if you don’t like their games, they do know how to make ass kicking games! I will try the demo that comes out later this month on PSN and from that we’ll see if this game still interests me.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
– While I was disappointed by the original game, I still loved the story. And the game in itself had potential, that’s why I am looking forward to LoS2. I hope this game will have more environments that gives me the feel of a Castlevania game. Either way, there are a bunch of reasons too why I am looking forward to this game. It might change after I see a gameplay trailer, who knows?
But for know, I want this game. I really hope it turns out great, or at least good.

– BANG! BANG! BANG! PEW! PEW! I just love Deadpool, I read up on some of the comic a while back. And I am very hyped for this game, made by the people who gave us Transformers War of Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. Which in my opinion are pretty okay games. So I can’t wait to see how they will treat old Deadpool here. Hopefully it will be awesome and full of fourth wall breaking jokes.

Tomb Raider
– I’m not a fan of the Tomb Raider series, not that they are bad or whatnot. It’s just that I’ve never fallen for them, but this whole new reboot is really speaking too me. Everything I’ve seen so far looks really nice! And I just love Lara’s new design, she looks really good. The game looks like it will follow more in Uncharted’s style, which might be a bit ironic since Uncharted might have been influenced by Tomb Raider from the beginning. Ah, well. Full circle an all that. Either way, this game is on my radar. Sooner or later I will play it. I really like the dark gritty feeling this game has and it feels a bit scary at time.

The Last of Us
– Holy shit! I was about to forget this title! How the hell could I!?! Since Uncharted 3 was a disappointment to me and I loved Uncharted 2 a whole lot, I’m very interested in what the Uncharted 2 team has been working on. A different kind of zombie/survival horror game, that seems like it really can creep up to ya! I try to keep away from all new info on the game, since I want to know as little as possible about this game.

Those are all the games, I can come up with right now. But those are probably some of my most anticipated games for 2013. So I hope they’ll turn out good.