Almost vacation time now!

I’m counting the days! Which are 1½ more days of work and then its finally time to have some vacation time! I’m so looking forward to this, I really feel like I need to get some relax time right about now. Its been pretty busy at work these past weeks, especially when it comes closer to vacation time. We’ve gotten some new folks over the summer that will cover for us that will go on vacation now. And they need to be taught and shown around and there has been some extra work here and there. So yeah, its going to be so good to have 3½ weeks vacation. Vacation, vacation, vacation. =D

In other news that aren’t vacations news. I finished the story of Watch_Dogs last weekend, I more or less wanted to get it out of the way for other games. Since I just play one game at a time. It was an okay game, can’t understand the hype it gets. Sure I had some fun with game, but it still feels like I’ve done it before and better in other games. Minus the “Hacking” segments. Yeah, I thought it was good but far from a GOTY title in my opinion. I could probably go into more detail of what I don’t like and think, but to be completely honesty I don’t really have the energy too do that.
But do I have a title I can consider GOTY so far? I’m not sure actually. While I do love games, I am very picky at the same time and I have a very different taste in games than most people do. I usually don’t fall for the media hyped games, I usually enjoy the ones that gets less attention or just is in a genre I prefer more. So I’m thinking Tales of Xillia 2 could be a potential contender for my GOTY 2014.

Another game that I’ve enjoyed very much so far is Rayman Legends, I think I needed a game like this. Just good old fun and its so nice too look at! Even if I’m not a very big fan of Rayman’s design in general,I don’t know it just doesn’t sit all that well with me. Which might be ironic since I usually like some of the weird stuff, but the design is not important it’s the game in itself and that’s good. It’s charming and I like the games overall design and my first contact was a few play test of Rayman Origins. We’ll see how much time I have for gaming under these upcoming weeks, I really want to leave the house more and travel a bit. I need to get out more and I’m going to go to the gym everyday under my vacation. I’ve been cooped up for too long and I want to enjoy my free time, so we’ll see what happens.