I’ve had a great day!

Indeed it was IceCube, it was a good day. A very, very good day I might add. I’ve had a really good time with two good friends, one of whom I don’t see to often. But hopefully that will change and we can have more fun together. Had some food in town, then we sat and talk for a while and it was fun. Overall today has been a great day and any signs of looming depression is wiped away. I really hope this good feeling will last a long time now.

I’ve also started playing The Order 1886 for the PlayStation 4. Not to far into the game, but so far its pretty nice. I don’t really care for graphics but man, that game is beautiful. If it is as good or bad as people say, I can’t say anything about right now. I’m to early into the game to have a real opinion of the game.

Hopefully I can start my GameBoy Advance project soon. I’ve gotten a hold of a faulty GBA SP and I hope the screen at least work as it should. I’m going to mod it so I can a front lit screen in an original GBA since I like the form factor so much more. I’ll post some pics when I start my project and hopefully I can get everything to work.
And by the way! If you have a Kickstarter account and love the old platform games Rare used to make like Donkey Kong Country N64 and Banjo-Kazooie. Some old Rare members have formed a new company and is kickstarting Yooka-Laylee. It looks great, so check it out! I’ve done my part.

Final Fantasy XV på engelska

Square Enix har nyss släppt TokyoGameShow trailern från Final Fantasy XV med engelska röster. Det kommer säkert bli en massa gnäll som vanligt från folk, men jag gillade verkligen det man fick höra! Det är svårt att ge det någon ordentlig bedömning av det lilla man får höra, men jag gillar som sagt det som hörs! Ska bli väldigt intressant att få testa demot på detta spelet i Mars 2015.
Det är ju även då jag köper Final Fantasy Type 0. Jag köper verkligen inte det för att man får med en demo på FFXV, det är bara en bonus. Utan det som gör mig sugen på FFT0 är att det sa vara ett mer vuxet Final Fantasy.
Aja, det ska bli intressant i vilket fall som helst! Ser fram emot att få testa båda spelen! Kommer ni skaffa något av spelen när de väl släpps?

Coming to a PlayStation 4 near you

Earlier this morning for us EU folks, Sony of Japan held a conference to announce some new games. I was actually expecting to be let down, or rather there would be nothing that would really interest me. And I was wrong! Which I am very happy about. Worth nothing is that some of the games mentioned here are also releasing on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita too, but for this post I’ll only be focusing on PS4.

Dragon Quest Heroes
Said to be an action-rpg, but are made by Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force. Not only that but it does look a bit like a “musou” game as they are called in Japan. Not that it bothers me, I like the trailer and I’m definitely getting it if they release it outside of Japan. Come on Square Enix, you know what to do.


Highlight of 2013

2013 was a good year for me, sure I still have problems with my depressions and anxiety. Some of those aspects actually got worse over the year, which is sad since I had hoped to get some control over them. Easier said than done, I might tell you. Either way, here are some of the highlights I liked from 2013. They will all be posts from my site, I might add a separate list for other stuff later.

That’s all I can think of now, there might be more. But then again I don’t live a very exciting life, but I like what I do. And I’m just happy people want to read about it, even if I’m writing for myself. Still it makes me happy that people take the time. You are very appreciated dear reader! =)

Some impression of the PlayStation 4

The first thing I did when I got the Playstation 4 earlier this morning was to take a few pictures and post on various sites I visit. I just wanted to show of my new sexy thing, after that I unpacked everything. Mmm! That new console smell. Hooked it up and it went smooth as hell, I am impressed at how fast everything went. It downloaded the update and installed it pretty fast, I liked that very much. The interface looks really good and it was so fast, it will take sometime to get used to it. But I think it will be really great. A friend of mine who skipped out completely on the PlayStation 3 was with me when I got my console and he was very impressed with the PS4. He enjoyed the controller much more than the though he would, so that was nice too hear. Even Hentai-Woody likes is!

As I posted a couple of days ago, the DualShock 4 is so damn good. I like the weight of the controller, the sticks are much tighter and gives more precision than those on the DualShock 3. And as I thought I love the feature that you can plug-in earphones/headsets and get all the games audio from the controller, perfect for those game sessions that takes place late at night and where I have to be quite in my apartment. Sure, this could have been fixed by buying a more expensive pair of headsets I presume, but that’s not something that was in my budget or something that I really want.

I only played Knack and Resogun, before I was to tired to even see. No, seriously I was starting to see fog around the eyes. I had to go to sleep! But I really enjoyed the short time I spent with Knack, going to give it a whirl later when I’ve gotten some more rest. I only slept for like 5hours and I feel I need some more. Resogun seemed more fun than I thought, I played long enough to clear a stage but it was pretty fun. Gotta try that more later. I don’t think I’ll be starting Assassin’s Creed 4 until I’ve finished Knack, but then again my friend Elden is coming over later today so who knows? We might take it for a spin, just to feel the ocean breeze.

So far I am really enjoy the PS4, I’m very pleased with what I’ve tried so far. Okay, Knack doesn’t have a very next-gen feel too it, but still. The only complaint so far is the lack of media capabilities, I hope that is something Sony fixes soon. I always used my PS3 to watch movies and TV-shows, I can still watch blu-rays on the PS4 but can’t watch anime shows that I’ve downloaded, since the PS4 can’t read the files. But it’s only the beginning of the PS4 life, I really hope they do add this later. And MP3-support for playing music ingame, it’s the feature I love and used most on the Xbox 360. So I really hope Sony will bring that one to the PS4 in a more complete manner than they did on the PS3.

My PlayStation 4 is here!!

Here is it!! My brand new PlayStation 4, my happiness is complete now! The wait is finally over! Now to unbox and connect the beast. See you all later!

Soon… Less than 24 hours!

Today’s the day, the day I’ve been waiting for! Sure I’ll still have to wait until midnight but its the final stretch, it’s not even 24 hours left. So I am of too work now and when I get home, I’ll go straight to bed so I am fully rested for the midnight launch of the PlayStation 4. The hype, oh man the hype!! I am feeling it now.

I’ll be back later tonight/early tomorrow with pictures and impressions of the console and games I’ve bought, this is so exciting. I’ll probably post some picks while I am waiting for the store to open, so if you want to see them I’ll be uploading to my Twitter. The link is here!