The thing I promised to tell

So I’ve promised for some time now, to tell where I’ve been and what has happened. Guess there really isn’t much more to say, just click on the read more link to get to the whole post…

News time! Here is the big news!

So the 12th of August is here and as promised here I am with the news, I didn’t want to share before. Today I was an signed a contract for an apartment!! I’m finally getting my own place! So hyped about it!
I didn’t say anything before since I didn’t want to jinx it and everything wasn’t finalized. The date for when I can move in is set to September 1st. So I’m hoping the days will pass by in lightning speed.

I also told I was going to write what had happened in my life, but again. I’ll have to take a rain check on that one, for once I feel good and good stuff is happening. I don’t feel like writing about it now and might get depressed again. So I’ll do it sometime later, better not to set a date or anything. I’ll write about it when I’m ready.

Well I’ll post pictures and stuff later when I have moved in, or rather as soon as I have internet at my place. The first thing I’m gonna do is play some games! I haven’t played anything for almost two months, so its gonna be a blast. Really looking forward to try different types of food also, ahhh! I can hardly wait for September 1st to come.

Another update

Well, who would have thought I would be able to post two updates, so close to each other? Well for once some god stuff are starting to happen. Still keeping it a “secret“, at least till August 12th. After that if everything goes according to play, I’ll let the cat out of the bag.
That’s also when I’ll make an update what has happened in my life, right now I don’t have the energy to waste on writing it. Its still pretty hard to talk about, but since I hopefully will post some very good news for me on August 12th, I balance it out then with crap news and then awesome news.

Power Rangers return home!

Yeah, so I’m 26 years old and still dig Power Rangers. Something wrong with that?
Well for some there might be. But hey, my inner kid is still alive and kicking and I intend to keep him that way. I like a whole lot of stuff that isn’t considered “grown-up”, but I couldn’t really care what people think. I enjoy it and that’s all that matters.
And I know more people enjoyed Power Rangers when they where younger, but they are to ashamed to admit it. Yeah! I’m a big nerd and I’m loving it! :D
I had so many toys, The Thunder Megazord, The Dragon Dagger (I miss you) and a bunch of figures. I wish I had taken better care of them when I was younger… At least I still have my Dragonzord.

Well anyway… Power Rangers was a big part of my life when I was younger and it meant a lot to me, That’s why I was a bit sadden when Saban (the company who made Power Rangers) sold their rights to Disney. Sure the show got a higher budget and looked better. But then again its Disney so it also became a bit more kid-friendly & they had to add more humor to it…
But hopefully it can regain some of its former glory, since Saban is going to buy back the rights to the Power Rangers franchise. At least I know they care about it. I’m also hoping this means that Ron Wasserman will be making the theme songs and music for the shows again.

You can read about the news here at The Hollywood Reporter, but as I said for me this is great news. And I’m looking forward to see what will happen with the show now, that its back where it belongs. The kid in me is getting excited and it looking forward to this.

Futurama is back!! Again!!

This is very great news for me! I had no idea that Futurama was getting a new season. It seems it starts right after where the forth and final movie ended.
The new season starts in June 2010! So looking forward to that, always liked this show so much more than The Simpsons, Family Guy and all other shows, similar to the ones I just named. Finally we get more good stuff from Zoidberg and Bender!
Can’t wait! Now I all want to hear it that Robot Chicken, will get a fifth season and I’ll be in happy ville!

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Holy fuck! I’m excisted now! There will be a new Transformers game coming out 2010, its called Transformers: War for Cybertron. It won’t be based on any of the old story’s, which for my part is something good. then they can’t screw up old stuff at least. The art-style seems to be a mix of G1 & War Within which I love!

Transformers: War For Cybertron, A six page exclusive review. PG 48″

Sad part is it’s not tied to any continuity. As the name suggests it’s pretty much War Within but the Video Games on telling it seems. It’s taking cues from Gears of war as a 3rd Person over the shoulder shooter. Will have a Autobot and Decepticon Campaign. They keeping quiet on Multiplayer but it will have some sort of Online modes. Like the Armada game you will be able to choose which bot you want for a mission but the other bots not chosen will be your teams AI. Enemies will drop weapons which is interchangeable. And like the movie games we won’t be confined to land vehicles only. And transforming plays a good deal into gameplay.

All in all it looks pretty sweet. Release is for 2010 for 360, PS3, and PC
Source and original source

But I know it might be stupid to expect to much from this, but I haven’t been this hyped on a Transformers game since I played Transformers Armada for the PS2.
But at least they are going the right way with the art-style IMO, can’t wait to get my hands on this I’m buying this even if it turns out to be shit!
Well okay, maybe not. But I’m getting it at least! And I sure hope it will be good…

Megatron Optimus Prime Soundwave
Optimus VS Megatron Cybertron

Good news, turned bad

So I had some news to post today. I was hoping to post good news, but sadly there is none. I was looking at an apartment I was hoping to get. And things looked good. But in the end things didn’t turn out as I wanted them to. A shame. There was a person before me in the line to get it, and he wanted it so… That’s how it is. =/
Not much can be done, just have to keep searching.

Well the good thing about this, is that its almost time for
Transformers Revenge of The Fallen to have its premier! Really looking forward to that. More now than before…