A great song based on WatchDogs!

In the past I have posted about a guy who calls himself Miracle of Sound and he does music based on videogames. He has done the song “Roll Out” based on Transformers War/Fall of Cybertron games. The song “Nord Mead” based on Skyrim and so on, but two of my favorite songs from him are based of Ubisoft games.
One if based on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and is called “Beneath The Black Flag“, I love that one. A bit of pirate rock, I’ll post a video below.

But yesterday he uploaded a video from the upcoming WatchDogs, which I am starting to get more and more excited about. I fell for this song immediately and it’s called Digital Shadow. I’ve listened to it a couple of times right now and I am having a hard time stopping. Check it out below.

Miracle of Sound: ROLL OUT!!

So while surfing around and looking for stuff on YouTube, I came across a musician that calls himself “Miracle of Sound. He makes music that is related to TV-shows, games and movies. The first thing I heard with them/him where “Joker’s Song“. I really, really enjoyed that. And I decided to check out their other stuff and I found something they made with Transformers.
And I feel in love with that, I love the music in this. Even if the lyric isn’t all that, the music in itself is so good. I could listen to an instrumental of this all day, but I decided to share the video with you. So check them out and check out their other stuff, you might find something you like.
Or not. Who knows? I can’t stop listening to this song. <3

The Autobots are hunted by the cruel Decepticons. The slaughter is directed by the evil Megatron!
This metal robot-Stalin only has one equal foe… So ready up your battle cry, its time to let them know!
Autobots… transform… ROLL OUT!!