Barbie MILF Princess Of The Twilight!

Yeah, guess I’m back to write in English. I’ve missed it. So we’ll see how many posts I’ll do, if it will be more I’ll change the stuff of my site to English too.

I found this video yesterday that I thought was funny. It’s buy an group calling themselves Nanowar of Steel. They are apparently a comedy heavy metal band.

The melody in itself is pretty good. But he lyrics are just.. Yeah. Haha.
Just check it out! It’s so weird.

Way to be saved, Pickles!

I can hardly stop listening to this song, its like a drug! Its from the show Metalocalypse (Google it). I love it about 55seconds in, can hardly stop listening too it.

Machinae Supremacy!! They rock!

I just wanted to tip people to listen/buy the music from Machinae Supremacy! They are my new favorite metalband. They call themselves a “sid metal” band. Just check out their myspace and homepage and listen to some of their music. LOVE!

Machinae Supremacy Official Homepage
Machinae Supremacy My Space