Some of my favorite PlayStation 3 games

I love my PlayStation 3, it has brought me literally thousand of hours of joy! Its probably the only console so far that I have beaten over 100 games on also. Of course I have gotten some favorites over the years, so this post will be about those titles I’ve enjoyed or just liked extra much. It will not be about all my favorites, just some of the titles I’ve had a blast with. They might have given me an extra laugh or just been fun to play, they had something little extra that made playing them awesome for me. Now some of these games are multiplatform games and are also out on the Xbox 360 for example, but it’s just that I beat the game on a PS3. Of course I’ve gone through some crappy games too, but I don’t want to talk about those games.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Arkham series)

There has been a bunch of Batman games in the past, but none of them was especially good in my opinion. It was when Rocksteady made Batman: Arkham Asylum I played my first good Batman game. And boy I really enjoyed it!
While I also do like Arkham City and Arkham Origins. As I said Arkham Asylum was the first game that I thought that did Batman justice. The presentation of Batman, the designs of the villains. Everything feels top notch! I am so looking forward to Batman: Arkham Knight.


I’m a big fan of The Legend of Zelda series and I’ve always wondered why no one besides Nintendo could make really good adventure games like that. It seemed like no one ever really tried, until Darksiders! It has the elements of a TLOZ game and is set in a post apocalyptic future (meh), but it is a really great game. Of course it has its own problems like every game does, but this is still the closes thing to a 3D Zelda game, that isn’t a Zelda game and that isn’t on a Nintendo console. If you haven’t played a single Zelda game BTW, go do it now!

Lollipop Chainsaw

Now a lot of people will probably look at me and go WTF!? But this game is awesome! It has it all! Humor, music, zombies, foul language, and a hot babe with a fucking chainsaw (swing). The story is whacked and the whole game is just crazy, but that’s the reason I like it, and it has really good music! The zombie bosses in the game all have their own music style, for example, we have the viking metal boss Vikke. Voiced by Michael Rooker, badass! And the games script is written by James Gunn who directed Marvel’s, The Guardians of the Galaxy. I had a ton of fun with and at this game, I really do love this game.

Tales of Graces f

While the PS3 has gotten a bunch of awesome Tales of games, of all that are released in the west my favorite is… Dare I say it? Tales of Graces f. The characters are not the best, I’ll admit that. But I still like them and the world they live in and I really love the combat! Out of all the Tales of games, this is probably one of my favorite when it comes to combat. It was a blast playing! So much that I actually cleared the game three times! And I got the platinum trophie from the game. Love it, like it, hate it. Do what you must, I love it.

Uncharted 2

The first and third Uncharted games are also great, but it was the second game I found to be the best. The one I enjoyed more. Good villain, good story and I loved the environments. It had a great cinematic feel to it and was my favorite game to be released in 2009. And it had a fun multiplayer, which I and some friends constantly played. We loved it! Too bad the multiplayer in Uncharted 3 wasn’t as good in my opinion.

As I started in the beginning of this post, these are just some of my favorites. There are tons of games I have enjoyed immensely. But listing them all and why, would be too time consuming and I’m not sure I can put into words why I enjoyed them all. No one has to agree with this list, but it would be nice to find more people who actually enjoyed these games.

The games of 2012

Not much left of 2012! Who knew we would get here, seeing as the world ended seven days ago. Hahaha, mmm! Yeah! Well, for me 2012 has been a year of disappointing games. Or rather perhaps not disappointing games, but rather lack of games that has made me really excited. And of course this list is only for game that came out this year in America or Europe, I’ve played a few older games this year too. But I won’t list them here. If you want too see them, check out my “Games I’ve beaten” section. Oh, and I will only be posting two games in each categories. Mostly since there haven’t been so many good games for me this year.


Tales of Graces f

A game I waited a long time for and probably is my favorite game of the whole year, it didn’t disappoint me the slightest. I am even on my second round of the game right now and I’m a person who rarely replays RPGs, so for me that’s saying a whole lot of how much I like the game. And its even more fun now, since I understand its system much more now than the first playthrough.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Hilarious, Sexy, Funny, Humor, Movie references, Great Soundtrack, Zombies, Cheerleaders, Black Magic, Badass, Music styles, Parodies, Juliet, Lollipops, Pervy I could probably think of more fitting “tags” to post about this game. I really, really enjoyed it. Play it if you get the chance and like these kinds of games.



Darksiders II

The sequel to one of the best games I played 2010, so of course I was hyped. But boy, did I get slapped in the face. Death as a character is cool and I love his voice, so awesome and really fitting. But the world is boring, large and filled with empty space. The bosses in the game had no charm what so ever, at least in Darksiders 1 they had dialogue and felt like characters. In DS2 they just feel like bigger tougher monsters, that are in no way special. I think there are two-three exceptions. I do like the loot system and the ability to change costume, but those are a few pluses short. No, sir. This is a big disappointment for me.

Gravity Rush

People are probably going to dislike me for this… It was not a bad game, it was just disappointing. Since everyone was hyping this to be some damn super great game. I enjoyed it somewhat, and Cat was an okay character. I’d like to see more of here, but I can’t say I enjoyed the came all that much. Sadly. =/

All in all, I have finished 19 games through this year. And it seems like there won’t be much time left to finish anything else. And why hurry? I’ll take my time and enjoy my games in my own pace. Happy new year everyone. Take care and let’s hope 2013 will be a kickass year, for games!

New month already?

Damn, time sure does fly. I had barely noticed that we had passed over to July. Haha, yeah that’s some that usually happens when I’m free from work. I tend to forget both time and days, but then again its pretty nice not having to think about all that.
I would really love to try and get a new video or something done, I feel like I want to be creative. Hm… Hopefully I can think of something.

I’ve also beaten Lollipop Chainsaw, it was a fun game. A shame it wasn’t longer, or at least had fleshed (mm, flesh…) out the story a bit more. The bosses where cool and I really liked the whole music theme, a shame there was so little of them in the game. It really had my kind of humor, hope it does well so we can have a sequel or something.
And just a while ago I beat Gravity Rush, pretty good game that too. But I found the control to be to wobbly? It was very confusing for me at times, where I was and what the hell I was doing, when I used Kat’s gravity powers. But other than that it was fun, fun but short.

Next month, or rather the end of the next month is something I really look forward to. Two of the most anticipated games for me this year is released then. They are Darksiders II and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Really looking forward to both those titles.
So take care until next time!

Gotta get my Lollipop & Chainsaw on

It’s here! It’s finally here! One of this year most anticipated games, I’m excited to see if it can live up to my expectations. But gonna keep ’em down a bit so it won’t disappoint, but what I’ve seen so far I love it. Gonna play it later tonight, really looking forward to it.

Hoho, so much fun. If you know what I mean ;).