RPGaiden är nu igång!

Som somliga kanske vet håller jag och två kompisar, Lania & Kristoffer på med våran RPG sida, RPG-bloggen. Men den har nu gått vidare och utvecklats lite, vi har som mål att göra större och bättre än förut. Därför byter vi även namn helt och hållet nu är vi RPGaiden! Vi hoppas ni kommer njuta och gilla sidan och se den växa, just nu är det inte jätte mycket material, men det kommer med tiden.

Till denna sida har jag designat logon, som jag är väldigt förtjust i. Även om den är simpel. Ni kan ju alltid se den på min deviantart och kommentera där eller här för den delen.

New FMA & Valkyria Chronicles anime in April

Yes, folk! Some of you might already know this. But in April, the new FullMetal Alchemist anime will air. I’m really looking forward to that. Hope it is as good as the first one.

And one of my favorite games Valkyria Chronicles will also have an anime.
All I know is that it will also premier in April. I am so gonna watch both these animes.
I have high hopes for them. I’m also thinking of starting to write about anime series I see. Just for the fun of it. To have something more to write about. =)

Version 2008 Version 2009

I have also changed my logo. Again. But for the first time it feels like a real upgrade.
Old first new second. What to you think? I really like the slimmer and more detailed new version.

New logo!

Hey everyone! I’ve gotten a new logo.
Why? Well because I’ve decided I want to be myself on the internet, so instead of always hiding behind “Yazuka”, I now just want to be me. Micke Johansson. So I made this M-like logo. I like it myself. But there are some places that I will still be “Yazuka”. Like on Youtube, Deviantart, Gamefaqs, gametrailers. And other sites.
But I’ll be using this logo instead. So yeah, if you see it, its probably me. =)
Sadly the miniature doesn’t look as good as the big one IMO, but I have no idéa how to fix it. =/

So hopefully if I have the time, I’ll try to remake the whole site design, I’m trying to go for a more simple yet, clean design. And compared to what it was in the beginning I’m slowly getting there. So I’ll just keep fighting until I finally get a design I’m pleased with. And a question. Is there anything you would like to see on my site? I’m gotten some request from friends, to put up a friends page. Would that be okay, for you (yes, you know who you are) if I put up some minor info on you too? Or perhaps something else? I feel like I want to expand in some sort of way. I need to do something.

New logo! Hurray!

Finally! After much work. Well… Much work for me, who is not very good at designing stuff… Well *humpf* after much work my new logo is finished! It will now be my new user image on livejournal and on other pages I visit.

This new logo will also be featured in the next movie I’ll make, replacing the old one.
Well folks here it is! I’ve still kept the “scorpion” design over this logo, I now feel my “Scorpion Y logo” is more or less complete. If I myself can improve it further I will. ^^