Not funny. Not at all.

It just came to my attention that someone has created a new Livejournal account with my name and username. Gone by the name of micke_yazuka. I want to assure people that its not me, not even close. I’ve left LJ for good and I have no plans of ever returning there.
And I really hate the fact that someone is trying to be me, honestly I don’t like this one bit…
I don’t know who you are who did this or why. But as I said I don’t appreciate this one bit, If you have something you want to say or do there, please at least do it with your own stuff and don’t drag me into this shit. Please… I know this since I got contacted by one who had been added as a friend, I was on that friendlist when I had LJ.
So the person assumed it was I, but its not. I know a bunch of people is using the same username I am, but I still hate it when people pretend to be me. I don’t like it at all, as I said don’t drag me into whatever it is you want. Some might not take this as a big deal, but I do feel really upset over this.

Sites that I am on. 100% the real Micke “Yazuka” Johansson. I’m using either Yazuka or Yazuka83 on these sites, if its not on this list its not me.,, neogaf, Gamefaqs, youtube, deviantart, cheapassgamer, kotaku, IMDB, animenewsnetwork, gametrailers, siliconera, twitter, facebook,, shadowhaxor, Rangerboard,, Kawaii Art Zone, Mygamercard, ps3trophies,org, photobucket, myanimelist, tradera,

Something fishy…

I noticed something strange today. I tried to visit my old Livejournal, but it says its about to be deleted in about 30 days. WTF? Sure I don’t post there anymore, I just used it to see some friends posts. And I can’t even log in. Strange…
It would seem its been hacked. But why the hell do they even bother?
And why delete it? I’m just glad I had a different password there than I have on other sites. I never have the same password for any sites.
Always a different one and yes. I’ve checked so I haven’t gotten the wrong password either. So I’ve sent messages to the Livejournal staff and we’ll see what happens.
If it doesn’t get solved, I’m not sure I’ll create another account. So to all those who I have on LJ, I’m sorry. Hope you’r not to disappointed. =/

Trying out blogger again

So I’ve tried going back to blogger now. I’ve been with livejournal for the past 3-4years now. Still don’t know if I’m going to be a regular here. Perhaps… Still thinking about it. Scrubs rule!

Thinking of leaving LJ

So its been some time since I was here. I’ve been playing a whole lot and it feels great. And I’ve been free from soda for 37days now. And I think I’m starting to feel the “need” for it now. So I’m hoping it will leave my system soon. And I’m thinking of leaving livejournal. I’m not so very pleased with LJ as a blog site.
I feel like something is missing. And I’m really thinking of migrating to wordpress, which I seem to like more. A shame I will loose (haha, two people) who are commenting here.

Or if anyone knows of another blog. Besides, nordiclania and kntheking I don’t seen any reason for me to keep using LJ. Yeah, sure it does its work. But I want to have a little more. And right now wordpress has those extra stuff.
I’m not sure yet, but I’ll see…

New design being worked on

Right now I have a flexible squares theme, that I’ve done.
And I’ve spent all of today (or yesterday if you will) trying to make a smooth sailing theme, based of this one.
Its hard work. And there is still much to be done. Hopefully I will finish that theme. If you want to check it out in action, just click on the link below. I would appriciate if you could report any errors you might find or just give critisim to what I can improve and I’ll try to do that, if I think it makes it look better.

Click here to see the new design

I’ve returned to Livejournal! Where I belong…

As some might know I left Livejournal some time ago. Well I’m back again.
Why? Well, I started to use blogger, but I wasn’t very pleased with it. So I returned here. Livejournal just suits me better. So from now on I’ll be here. ^^

And of course I bring a gift! My newest AMV. Which is a remake of the very first Xenosaga AMV I ever did. Here it is;

Nightwish: Wish I had an Angel

No more posting here.

Well the topic says it all. I won’t be doing anymore posting on livejournal. Instead head over to; or
So see you there I hope!