Killer headache…

These past few days have been murderous… A few times a year I get a really bad headache, I mean the migraine type of headache. But I don’t get all those other stuff, in Swedish its also called “Hortons Huvudvärk” (Horton’s Headache) and boy does it hurt…
I’ve have been without energy for the past days because of this, I have no hunger and I feel ill because of the constant pain in the head. All you you have migraine now what I’m talking about.
It’s letting up a bit now and I’m going to try too eat, hopefully it will be over soon. I’m very sensitive to weather changes and that can trigger this. And now we’ve have sunny warm weather and its shifted into rainy season, that’s usually all it takes. Of course there could be inner-stress that has caused this too, I’m not sure. But just to let you know, who know me in real life. I’m not angry or anything, I just don’t have the energy to start big conversations and stuff like that. We’ll talk more when I’m feeling better.

Platinum get! Uncharted 2!

And so I’ve taken the platinum trophy in Uncharted 2 Among Thieves. I was a lot easier than i thought, since I really had to work for in in the first game. So now I have cleared 100% of the game, it feels pretty nice to say that. It is a really great game and I will play it again sometime, but now I need a break from it. Will probably play some Little Big Planet again or Eat Lead: Return of Matt Hazard.

Other news, I’ve been feeling a bit sick again. Got a bit of a cold again! What am I? A cold magnet? Feels like that way. And now I have a migraine headache. Ugh. Hope it goes away soon, all this away time from “work” will really take its toll on my pay.
I will get a shitty pay as hell in November. =(

Feeling better

Typing this from my Playstation 3. Just trying. Tomorrow its back to Kristianstad Lego. I’ve been sick for the past 2 weeks. Have had a cold and a killer headache. I’m glad both are over fort the moment at least. Hopefully it will stay like this. But with the weather getting worse by each day, who knows.

Soon its just a week left untill Uncharted 2 arrives. It feels strange. I’m gonna run home from work each day to play it. Or I might play Brütal Legend before
Uncharted 2. Haven’t really decided yet… We will see. ^^

The headache from hell & the relief

Have you ever had a headache that doesn’t hurt that much, but makes you feel like shit? I had one of those yesterday. My head didn’t hurt much, but I got dizzy feelt like I was gonna throw up and just feeling like the end was near. One moment I was freezing, the other I was hot. It was a strange experience. But it was probably just some fever that that was leaving my body. Still it feelt so strange. So I went to bead real early yesterday, since I had no power left, but when I woke up I feelt like brand new. Wow, I don’t think I’ve feelt that good in a long time. I actually feelt like doing a bunch of stuff. Like starting to play The Legend of Dragon. But didn’t since I had to get up and go to school.

So I’ll probably get something played today. No changes with the PS3 sadly.
If all goes as I hope (and when do things ever go liked planned?)
December or January are the preliminary months for a new one. And it seems like I will be able to meet Kntheking this year! Which I didn’t think would be possible. If nothing changes, November sometime I’ll be going to visit. Looking forward to come out abit and see more than just plain old Kristianstad. =P

Well now I gotta get back so school. Get back on working my new logo that is. Haha, like there is anything else to do here. See ya all later. <3