January the crappy month

And so a month of 2010 has passed. All in all January was a terrible month, especially economically. January did have its fair of good days, but they where to few…
Like I got in contact with an old friend I had thought I’ve lost and getting my HDTV. Beside those two things, there was not much else to weight up the month. And both those good things, happened in the end week of January. I’m really hoping February will be much better… I think I’m gonna start working soon, I’m going to be at a place called ***** and do some cleaning. Like cleaning in schools I think. Hopefully I won’t have to clean up, other peoples shit and I really mean it literally! This is just a job test from “Arbetsförmedlingen“, I’m pretty sure I can’t get a job at *****, but at least I can get experience and search for jobs like it.

And tomorrow hopefully White Knight Chronicles, will be shipped out. So I’m really rooting for it to arrive on Friday the 5th. Come on, come on! Well that’s just about the only thing I’m looking forward to this month, I’m hoping it won’t be a boring month and it will be better economically. Well in March is time for Final Fantasy XIII, seems like I will be getting it thanks to a trade-in deal with Gamestop.

I also thought I was pretty active here on the site last month, with 16 whole posts. Its the largest number of posts in a month for quite some time.
Okay, sure it was 14posts in December. But still! It’s been fun writing. Hoping there will be many fun things to write about this year and not only the bad stuff.

A day with my HDTV

So I’ve had my new TV, over a day now. And damn! I’m in love, I really honestly do love my TV. It really beats the crap out of my old SDTV. Well if it didn’t I would have been very sad. So some impressions perhaps?

I’ll start with my only complaint about the TV. This is not something that makes the TV worse or anything, but I wish it would start a little faster. If you’ve turned it of and then turn it on again it takes about what? 10-15 seconds. Not to complain about that time, but it does feel like its too long, since my SDTV took about what? 3-4 seconds. This is the only thing I can complain about and that something totally worthless to complain about. Still just wanted to get that off my chest.

The image is very nice and sharp, its like day and night comparing to an SDTV. I’ve tried almost every game I own and they all look excellent! And the fact that I can see stuff in the games I couldn’t with my old TV is just awesome. Mostly its just text, but also details on characters clothes or other minor stuff. Details I really enjoy seeing.
The sound from it is really good also, it sounds more natural. Well compared to the old TV anyway. I haven’t tried hooking it up to my computer yet, I’m gonna try that over the weekend. Just for the fun of it and see how it is. Overall its a great TV and I love it and that it would turn out to be a Full-HD tv it seems, is just awesome. That was a surprise even for me. Especially since nowhere on the box does it say its a Full-HD tv, but after some googling and checking a few things out on wikipedia. That seems to be the case. I’m not complaining. ^^

In other news I have completed everything in Darksiders now. I got the platinum trophy for it too. That’s my seventh platinum. I’m not a trophy hunter, I mostly seek out an gather trophies when I don’t have anything else to play. And now I only had to finish Darksiders on the hardest difficulty, so I replayed it now on my HDTV. Will probably trade it in for Final Fantasy XIII, have to get a new copy of Darksiders later when the economy is better. Well now I’m just awaiting the release of
White Knight Chronicles, which I hope will come next week.

The big surprise… HDTV get!

So this was my big surprise! As a lot of people already should have guessed. Still didn’t want to say it straight out yesterday. I thought this day would never come, how I have waited. So what all this about?! Well, I finally got my Christmas present from my family+grandpa. A bit late I know, but there has been other things in the way. But I’m so incredible happy right now.
I’m reaching hyper state. Woo! It was some time ago I really felt like this and if feels wonderful! Now I can finally enjoy games on a HDTV and that I shall! I’ll let the pictures say the rest! There is even a rare one with me in it!!