Tales of Symphonia HD is true!!

A while ago, I reported about a rumor that there perhaps was a Tales of Symphonia HD Collection coming. And that it would include Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia Dawn of The New World and today this pack was announced to be true!! This collection will be called Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack and will be released October 10th. This was all announced just right now in an event in Japan called Tales of Festival.

Right now I am so very hyped! I actually cried a little bit when I saw this announcement, guess that just proves to me how much I really liked Symphonia. Well it was my first Tales of game and it sure was love at first sight. The opening song too Tales of Symphonia “Starry Heavens” will be getting a new version, a 2013 remix if you will. Same with ToS2 opening song.

And to top it of, as I was writing this we got confirmation that this collection will be released in Europe and America early 2014!! My god! This has been the best day of this entire week for me I am so goddamn happy right now. Long live the Tales of series!!
It seems the collection will go under the name
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles in Europe and America, a name I think is a bit better than Unisonant Pack or just HD Collection that some developers just call their HD versions.

A few Tales of games rumor

Today I heard a rumor I really hope is true… and that is that there will be a Tales of Symphonia HD Collection. It would include both Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World. It is rumored that it will be released.on Playstation 3.

I would like to play ToS2 with a real controller instead of the Wii-mote. For me it really brought down the game for me, I had a  hard time enjoying the fighting in the game because of it. Others say the game is crap either way, but I enjoyed what I played of  it. Everything but the controller.

In the same rumor it is also said that Tales of Xillia 2 will be translated too. So I really hope those rumors are true. They come from a Spanish site, where they’ve had an interview with Hideo Baba where he has hinted about these things.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

My, oh, my! So its seems Square Enix finally had decided to make a Kingdom Hearts HD collection. A shame this collection doesn’t feature Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep. But hopefully they will follow in a second HD collection, if there ever is one.
This collection has been graced with the name Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix and will include Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix, KH Re:Chain of Memories and the cutscenes from KH 358/2 Days. Now we’ll just have to cross our fingers that this one will be released outside of Japan, for now check out the trailer below.

Years later, Metal Gear Solid 3

I’ll be speaking pretty openly about this game and other games in the MGS series, have you not played them don’t read. Because you will get some things spoiled in this text.
It’s been about seven years since I first and last played Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, damn time sure flies… I say that a lot, but sometimes I feel like I have no track of time at all. At that time this was one of my favorite games, and absolutely my favorite of all the Metal Gear games. So how do I feel about it the game now after so many years?

I did not like the game as much as I once did, I didn’t find it as fun to play either. It looked great playing the HD version of the game, but for some reason I didn’t enjoy the game nearly as much as I did in the past. And my memory of the game was not very accurate at all. I can’t explain that really well, but its like I remembered a much more bigger and more epic game. Could be that I had other influences or whatever back then, or even now. Or Metal Gear Solid 4 that killed my interest in the franchise for me. I was so disappointed with that game, I was expecting so much and hopefully get some good answerers to some of the big stuff in the series…

Hey, hey! Where are you going!? Get back here! While those are some pretty negative stuff and thoughts from me, I didn’t say the game was bad. It’s just not as good as I remembered it.
I like the characters and bosses, they have a lot of character and the story is nice.
And I for one am a fan of Big Boss, or rather Naked Snake that he is known as in this game. I don’t know what I can say right now to show I don’t hate this game, but I don’t hate it. I’ve actually become more eager to play Peace Walker now, I want to see what happens there and hopefully see some of the events there that will lead Big Boss to becoming the major villain throughout the MGS series. But I’ll will take a break from the MGS games again, so it will be some time before I’ll play Peace Walker.

So all in all, I’m not a fan of the MGS series and MGS3 didn’t live up to my feelings I’ve had to the game in the past. It is by no means a bad game, I still like it a lot. And will play it again sometime in the future. And I’ll be getting Metal Gear Rising when that comes out, since it looks like a lot of fun to play. I am also hoping to get the energy to actually replay MGS4 someday, I want to see if my feeling have changed for that game. I might appreciate it more now than when it was new? Who knows, someday I’ll give it a second try.