The disappointment of no mail

So I was really disappointed today, I did not receive my copy of Ni No Kuni as I had hoped. Not that I am surprised! But hopefully it will at least arrive by Friday, but it will probably arrive tomorrow! I sure hope it does, playing games or watching TV is about the only thing I have the strength for right now.
Gotta try at least to get out and get some fresh air.
I’m going crazy being cooped up for so long, uuughh! I really goddamn hate being sick.

I’m really thinking of watching Howl’s Moving Castle, never seen it before. And with all this Studio Ghibli hype from a lot of people thanks to Ni no Kuni, I’m interested in watching it. To see if I like it, so far the only Ghibli film I’ve really enjoyed it “The Cat Returns“. The others I have seen, didn’t really get my interest. So I might just watch that before, I turn in for the night.