Fuck PhotoBucket

So Photobucket has decided to be a couple of fuckwits. Apparently you can’t share your photos from them anymore, not on websites/blogs/forums unless you pay them a nice lite fee. This shit tactic came from nowhere and without warning and if you want to be able to share your photos you need to pay the assholes $399 a year.
I say fuck that and fuck them! I wouldn’t have mind paying a REASONABLE fee, but asking $399 a year is just fucking bullshit. Get your heads out of your fucking asses Photobucket. Way to alienate your users, thank you so much for giving us the middle finger and more or less you are telling us to pay or go fuck ourselves if we want to share our images.
So right now none of the images I have on my posts are working and I have to find another host to get all my photos and images up on. All of them… It’s going to take quite a while. Does anyone have any suggestions for an image host?

Men sluta för helvete!

Sorry, Swedish only.

Alltså, jag blir så jävla trött. Jag är trött.
Varför? Så fort man sätter igång radion, tv eller vad fan som helst och det är nyheter. Vad får man höra? Nerskärningar, folk som blir avskedade, verksamheter som går i konkurs. Jag vet att ekonomin i världen är kass! Jag vet att allt går åt helvete. Men bara för en kort sekund, skulle jag vilja slippa höra det. Man kommer inte ifrån det.
Man förlorar helt enkelt all lust till allt, man blir deprimerad. Och får andra konstiga tankar.

Och för mig som jobb sökare är detta verkligen så otroligt kul att alltid bli påmind om.
Och så är arbetsförmedligen på och hackar och säger att man ska skaffa jobb.
Hur I helvete har de tänkt sig att det ska gå till!? Speciellt nu!!
Jag skyr alla medier nu, jag orkar inte höra mer. Jag är så trött.
Fruktansvärt trött på allt som har med det att göra. Ta några roliga nyheter snälla!
Har verkligen allt som är bra att tala om i världen försvunnit?
Är jag ensam om att känna så här? Är det fel av mig att känna så här?
Fel av mig att vilja “blunda” för detta? Fel att vilja tro det finns något bra kvar i världen?

My darkest hour

About 2-3years ago me and my family lost our electricity at the place we lived at the moment. It took a certain electrical company about 2 months to fix that. And that was in the middle of the winter, not so good times.
And now they have screwed up again. They were going to fix some electrical work for our neighbors but shutdown our and another one of our neighbors electricity.  And what do they say?
We are sorry, but we can’t send another man out there to fix it before next week.” So sometime next week we’ll have the power back on. So if I’m not online much that’s why.

And there have been some talking here at school that they might get me into a store, where I can work. It will only be for a month. I both hope it happens and at the same time hope it does not happen. If I don’t do it, I’ll loose all my money they are very strict with this. I really don’t want to loose all my money. There has been a lot of shit happening wiht others where I go, that’s why they have become so strict with this. But if I do it other plans might get scraped…. Sadly…. I still don’t know if its the case but a big possibility, just so ya know.
Also sometime next week I will have 100% info on that matter, so for now lets keep our fingerscrossed.
But as always life keeps kicking me when I’m on the ground.

EDIT: Well it seems like we’ll be getting our electricity by tomorrow.
Guess they admited they had done wrong. Holy hell! Either way I don’t care if they are right or wrong as long as I get power pack I’m glad.

Well fuck everything

And just when I think I can be a bit happy, something else turns around and bites me in the ass. As usuall. I’m so sick and tired of always have to comprimize things. I don’t know how much more I have to take before its enough!
If it ever will be enough. Yeah, as you guessed something has happned. =P
I just want to went out my rage, I don’t feel like talking about it, because talking won’t make it better or go away. Its time like this I just want everything to end. Now. No more pain and suffering. Fuck it all.

Fucking shit!

I’m poor, i’m bored. I’m stressed by the presure the school is setting on finding a job. Damn, assholes If there was full of jobs don’t you think I would have had one by know? People can be so damn stupid sometimes, especially people who won’t listen to reason. And to top all these delightful things of, there was no Disgaea 3 in the mail today! Now my whole weekend is ruined. And I don’t have any will to play anything else right now. Goddamit! I was really hoping on this. Fuck! >=(
Guess I’ll have to make the best of thing and just watch a whole bunch of movies this weekend, even if that is way below what I was expecting from this weekend.

What more can I say that I’m very dissapointed. Guess I’ll just have to try and get some work done on my Final Fantasy VII AMV. If you have any tips on good songs you could use pelase tell me.

Fuck you, Lernia. :(

So I went to Lernia today, to sign up for some classes, that might lead to getting a job. Well when I get there they tell me that Komvux has to buy these classes from them. So yeah, everything went fucking down the drain.
Thank you veyr much Lernia, for not stating this when I spoke with you. Thank you for almost ruining my day.

On the bright side I got to spend some time with my good friend, Christoffer. We don’t see each other as often as I want to. So we went to EB Games and took a copyof GameReactor. Well at least something to read. :P
Then he bought me a coca cola, yay thank you. :D
Then we bumped into Jeppe. Another one of my friends then the three of us left EB Games and we wandered around town and did nothing. :) Well its thanks to those two that this day isn’t totally wasted.
Then we sat down and waited for our busses and just talked crazy stuff. Fetishes and all that. XD
Yeah, we are a speciall bunch. :D Thank you my dear friends.

Ha! F**K!!!

Well, I just got a mail from VideoGamesPlus wher they said that they wouldn’t get the game untill tomorrow. F**K!!! That means that all hope I had to be able to play this on friday is less that 10% know. Oh, well….. =(

1 day… Left untill XS3 is sent… (I hope…)
About 6 Days Left Untill I have it (I hope…)