Happy New Year!

Well just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!
Hope 2009 will bring better stuff than 2008 did. That would be wonderful.
See ya next year! Take care untill then everyone.

/ Micke “Yazuka” Johansson

Happy New Year!

So this year is coming to an end. Only a few measly short hours left. And it will be 2008. Do you have anything special planned?
I will soon be taking of to a friends house, where I and one other friend will be.
So we’ll be three people who celebrates new year. We will probably watch some movies or someting.

I just think its a great way to start of the year, by being with some good friends.Sure its great to start a new year with your family too, butI’ve done that so many times now. So this year I’ll be with some friends. =)
Take care everybody and may 2008 turn out to be a better year than 2007 was. I’ll be seeing you then.