Yes! I’m still alive!

Its been some time since I last made a post here or was online on MSN or Skype. Well, I haven’t been feeling all to well. And last weekend it finally exploded, I was struck with both fever and a cold from hell. Lost my voice a few days, cough so much that my ribs started to hurt. Was awesome. NOT! But at least I’m starting to feel better now. Thankfully. When I’ve had the energy to do stuff, I’ve mostly watched some TV, or been playing Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. Will probably post a mini-review of that game later. So if you are interested in what I have to say about the game, check back later.

And finally thanks to my job I’m able to pay of my old debts, it feels great. Even if I’ll be poor for some upcoming months, but I’ve waited so long for this. To finally be able to pay back what I’ve loaned, it really feels good for the soul. And I’m really hoping I’ll be able to attend the Sci-Fi convention that is going to take place in Malmö in April. I’m going there with a few friends on April 2nd. Pictures will of course be posted from this event, perhaps even movies. We’ll see about the last one, but pictures is a guarantee!

I’m also glad that I’ve finally been able to score a real couch. It took some time, but finally I can sit really comfortably too! I’m thankful for the couch my friend Hubbe gave me, but this one is so much better, bigger and much better looking. Now just about everyone who comes over can have a place to sit at. Except Ezakiel, he just breaks couches.

The headache from hell & the relief

Have you ever had a headache that doesn’t hurt that much, but makes you feel like shit? I had one of those yesterday. My head didn’t hurt much, but I got dizzy feelt like I was gonna throw up and just feeling like the end was near. One moment I was freezing, the other I was hot. It was a strange experience. But it was probably just some fever that that was leaving my body. Still it feelt so strange. So I went to bead real early yesterday, since I had no power left, but when I woke up I feelt like brand new. Wow, I don’t think I’ve feelt that good in a long time. I actually feelt like doing a bunch of stuff. Like starting to play The Legend of Dragon. But didn’t since I had to get up and go to school.

So I’ll probably get something played today. No changes with the PS3 sadly.
If all goes as I hope (and when do things ever go liked planned?)
December or January are the preliminary months for a new one. And it seems like I will be able to meet Kntheking this year! Which I didn’t think would be possible. If nothing changes, November sometime I’ll be going to visit. Looking forward to come out abit and see more than just plain old Kristianstad. =P

Well now I gotta get back so school. Get back on working my new logo that is. Haha, like there is anything else to do here. See ya all later. <3