Snake, Drake and a Saint

Got the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection with the Friday mail. It’s nice to replay MGS3 again with some better textues. The game it self is just as good today as the day it first came out imo. MGS3 is my favorite of the MGS games, so I am enjoying it. Looking.forward to Peace Walker which I’ve never played before.

I am still playing some Uncharted 3, well the multiplayer at least. It is a blast and offers more veriety than the multiplayer in Uncharted 2. I am hoping more of my friends will get it so we can play together. Hopefully before I put the multiplayer part on the shelf. Gotta finish it on crushing too, but there are so much to play now, so it wil just have to wait.
And hopefully I’ll get Saints Row The Third in the upcoming week too. So I’ve got a lot to play but to litte time, but at least I feel that awesome feeling you get when you do something that you love.

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