Slow month

So what can I say? Its been a really slow month, its boring! Metal Gear Solid 4 is finished, its good but it didn’t live up to my hype.
So yeah, I’m a little sad about that. Well now I’m just sitting here waiting for
Soul Calibur 4 too be released and I’m hoping it will live up to its hype.

So I guess that’s about the only thing I’m waiting for right now. I’m trying to color some pictures in photoshop, just to have something too do. Its slowly moving forward… -.- And I’m trying to make a new video, moving forward even slower. And I need to play more on Wild Arms and Enchanted Arms. But I have a ton of anime I want to watch, and I really can’t do all in the same time. /end whining

So unless something big happenes or I finish one of the pictures of movies I’m making I don’t think I’ll post very much here untill then. Well in other news on Wednesday 2nd July. The Playstation 3 will get its 2.4 firmware update! Taht will enable you to send & recieve messages without having to leave the game. And enables you to use your own music ingame. Yummy! Oh, and we will aslo be getting trophies, rewards fo clearing certain things in various games, seems like it will be fun to replay some games. =)

Welcome to my new site!

Welcome fellow friends and visitors to my newly redecorated site! It still might not be anything speciall to you, but at last I’ve made this site more personal. And that’s always been my goal. I started playing a bit with CSS and I hope to continue to play with it and learn more as time goes by. Untill that time comes, this is my new design.
And I like it! Hope some of you will like it to. I spent to much time making this, so I didn’t get to play Final Fantasy XII today. T-T

And now for a few updates! Oh, where to begin….

First of all. January has been a relatively good month for me. Except for one tragedy, that ha do happen to a friend of mine.
A very good friend of mine “KNtheking” gave me one of this PSP. Yes, he game me! As in free! But the display was a bit broken, but I don’t care. Its one of the nicest things anyone has done for me in a long time. Hopefully I can find a good place that sells replacement screens for PSP.
And then we have round two! I played the lottery for the first time the 28th of January. guess, what…? I won!
1900SEK. I payed for the lottery with my fathers money so he took 700kr. Fair enough. But the money disappeared fast since I had very pressing bills to pay… So the money came at the right time.

And I (okay, my mother) managed to get a PS2 phat that my brother is going to use later, but I’m using it right now to play Final Fantasy XII.
And I got to DS phats from my friends brothers. One had a cracked upper display, and the other a flipped out touchscreen. I did manage to make one of them fully functional. So I’ll be getting a new touchscreen & a upper screen for the other DS later and give it to my mother, as a late/early birthday gift. Which everway people want to see it. And I’m awaiting Enchanted Arms for the PS3 do drop into my postbox later today (Friday). No still no PS3, but at least now I have one game for it and something to play when I can afford a PS3.

And I’m going to play the lottery again on Saturday/Sunday. So wish me luck! Hopefully I can win some more cash and the dream of a PS3 can turn into reality. *hopes*

Edited later on Friday: Damn! No mail for me today. Fuck. =/
Oh, well. Hopefully it will come on Monday, together with the DS pens & a tri-screwdriver I ordered so I can get inside the DSes. Now off to play more FFXII.