2014 is a bit blue…

New year, new times. Or something like that, huh?
Woke up pretty late today, guess I was pretty tried of all that Kingdom Hearts playing. Still it was fun, but I don’t think I’m going to marathon through a game like that again.

I’m starting this new year, by playing some Sonic games. Both Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Adventure 2 where cheap on PSN and I’ve been wanting to replay Sonic Adventure 2 for a while. I don’t dislike the Sonic Adventure games as much as everyone else seems to, I have very fond memories of playing Sonic Adventure 1 for the Dreamcast. It was actually the game that made me get a Dreamcast, sometimes I still long for those days…

In the coming days, I’ll probably post a list of my favorite or most important posts of 2013. Will probably do it this upcoming weekend, since it’s back to work tomorrow. Heh, could have used a few more days off. Good thing we only work two days, before being able to take a break for three days again. So I shouldn’t complain really, have fun everyone and happy 2014.

A white PS3! *dreams*

I just found out that Japan is getting a white PS3 modell!
Now I’m jealous. I’ve wanted a white PS3 for sometime now and this happens!
Too bad it probably won’t be released in EU. This PS3 will also come with a Dualshock 3 controller. Yeah, you might know that Sony is now back on track with their rumble controllers. *YAY* As I’m probably one of the few who actually admits he has missed rumble.

Ever since I got a Dreamcast when it came out and later Psone, I’ve been sold on white painted consoles. So that’s why I’ll at least be importing the white Dualshock 3 controller later, I at least must have that one! And I leave you here today with the sexy white DS3 controller.